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Canberra Food and Dining Guide - Restaurants, where to eat, and more

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The capital city of Canberra is an excellent place to eat as just about every type of food imaginable can be found here. The restaurants here are generally reasonably priced and visitors can dine on anything from modern Australian cuisine to Italian, Thai and Chinese dishes.

Visitors who are on a tight budget can save money by buying food from one of Canberra's many supermarkets and enjoying a picnic in the park. Most shopping malls also have large food courts which offer a selection of reasonably priced meals and snacks.

Visitors should note that many restaurants are closed on Sundays and smoking is banned from all restaurants and other public buildings throughout the city. Most restaurants accept lunch and dinner reservations and booking are essential to secure a table at some of the more popular restaurants.

Woolley Street

Located in the Dickson area of Canberra, this street is famous for its Chinese and Asian restaurants. Particularly popular in the evenings, several of the restaurants here have won awards for excellence.


This area is known for its large number of international restaurants. Mexican and Italian food is particularly popular here and many of the restaurants are suitable for those on a tight budget. 

City Market Shopping Mall

There are a large number of cafés and restaurants here, making this a great place to grab a bite while bargain hunting. There is also a large food court here serving up large portions of food from around the globe. 


This district is ideal for lovers of fine food as it contains a good number of gourmet restaurants and delis. Many of the eateries here also offer outdoor dining and serve cuisines such as French, Italian and Greek. 

Canberra restaurants

29 Lonsdale Street, Braddon 
Phone: +61 2 6230 6002
Specializing in Lebanese cuisine, Zambreros can be found on the eighth floor of Le Méridien hotel. Both the food and décor are exquisite and evening diners are treated to belly dancing performances. 

Pide House
Woden Plaza, Corinna Street, Woden
Phone: +61 2 62513325
This cheap and cheerful Turkish restaurant is popular with both tourists and local diners. Open all day, the food at Pide House is fresh and filling. 

Lonsdale Street, Braddon
Phone: +61 2 6248 8802
Lovers of Thai food will want to pay a visit to this reasonably priced restaurant. Piyaros is open every day, from 11:30 to 14:30 and again from 17:00 to 22:00. 

Silo Bakery and Café
36 Giles Street, Kingston
Phone: +61 2 6260 6060
This is a great place to come for breakfast as the Silo Bakery and Café features an excellent selection of cooked breakfasts and baguettes. Cheese lovers will also want to inspect the cheese room. 

The Chairman & Yip
108 Bunda Street, Civic
Phone: +61 2 6248 7109
Located on trendy Bunda Street, The Chairman & Yip serves an interesting range of East and West inspired fusion dishes. This restaurant is very popular so it is best to book in advance, especially at weekends.

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