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Busan Sightseeing Guide - Visit notable attractions and landmarks

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Busan is famous for its beaches, spas and temples. The main beaches can become excessively crowded in summer and on most weekends of the year, while the enormous health spas — one claims to be the biggest in Asia — manage to fill up despite operating cavernous facilities over multiple stories.

Quieter attractions include the Beomeo-sa Temple, one of the holiest places in South Korea that is a pilgrimage site for believers and camera-toting tourists. Many visitors like to lost themselves in the undulating underwater worlds of the Busan Aquarium, before making like a marine creature and returning for several hours in one of the city's spas.

Busan is surrounded by some lovely old South Korean towns and one-hour bus journeys can transport visitors into a completely different space, though lots of other tourists may not be too far behind. The English-language Busan Metropolitan City website is very comprehensive.

Beomeo-sa Temple

One of the holiest of South Korea's Great 5 Temples, Beomeo-sa Temple is reached via a nice two kilometer hike from the edge of downtown. The area can get very busy on weekends when hundreds come to marvel at the complex that began construction in the year 678 AD.

Busan Aquarium

This is South Korea's largest aquarium. Foreigners are allowed entry with a 20 percent discount and some of the displays are really amazing. There's even a 3D thrill ride for visitors that need a break from gawking at exotic fish. The Busan Aquarium is located at Haeundae Beach. 

Haeundae Beach

Apart from the lovely beach itself, Haeundae Beach precinct is jam-packed with superb restaurants, upscale boutiques and opulent health and wellness spas. The annual Pusan Film Festival (it uses the alternative spelling) is held here and the boardwalk is lined with a number of great shops. 

Hur Shim Chung Spa

This enormous hot springs complex is one of the largest in all of Asia. There are saunas, hot, cold, and medium heat baths, and even strawberry milk baths. Oxygen rooms, igloos, and a beautiful restaurant are the tip of the iceberg of the endless attractions at the Hur Shim Chung Spa. 


Only an hour from Busan by bus, this historic little place is filled with gaily colored temples and has a lovely small town feel. It's a good choice for visitors who need a quick break from Busan. 

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