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Where to stay in Izmir – a regional guide

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Whether you want to tour Izmir’s bustling city center or practice water sports in a seaside resort, this guide to Izmir’s hotels by neighborhood will help you find the right area for you. From budget, family-run or luxury accommodation, there are hotels to please every kind of traveler, but the number of choices might overwhelm you. While Izmir’s waterfront is lined by large sophisticated hotels, inland there are more budget and midrange options, especially around Kemeralti Bazaar and Basmane train station.  

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Izmir (Aegean Coast)



North of Konak is the Alsancak area, the cultural and geographical heart of the city, which is all about modernist architecture and wide boulevards. Filled with upscale restaurants, cafes and boutiques, this area has more of a European feel than an authentic Turkish one. Hardcore partiers won’t get bored in Alsancak, home to the liveliest nightclubs in the city. Art lovers rejoice; there is a gallery in the area displaying paintings of the Ottoman Empire. This is an exciting area indeed, but be prepared to pay for higher prices than in the rest of Izmir.


Hotels in Alsancak


High end apartments line the seaside in Alsancak and their view is spectacular. This area is home to high-end hotels such as the Izmir Hilton and Swisshotel Grand Efes Hotel, located near Cumhuriyet Meydanı (Republic Square). The high-tech rooms, most with sea views, are especially suited for business, but pleasure travelers with high standards will also be pleased with this area.


Kemeralti Bazaar


Just behind the seafront is the Bazaar, an atmospheric labyrinth of narrow winding streets and endless shops. This is a great area for budget travelers, as you’ll find many eateries where you can eat for less money than in the rest of the city. The large array of clothes, footwear, jewelry and handicrafts that can be bought in every street will surely hypnotize any shopaholic. The area is conveniently located in the city center, near most attractions.


Hotels in Kemeralti Bazaar


Staying near the bazaar is your best bet for budget accommodation. The smallest, cheapest hotels and guesthouses can be found off Anafartalar Caddesi. With modern facilities and a central location, hotels in this area suit both business and leisure travelers.


Basmane Station


For thrifty travelers, the area around Basmane Station at the eastern end of Fevzipasa Bulvari is the place to stay. Accommodation is this area boasts a brilliant location as they are next to the Basmane Train station and Metro station, which will take you to the airport and Ephesus. The area is within easy reach of most tourist attractions in Izmir, including Agora Shopping Center, Kemaralti Bazaar, Izmir fair and 15 minutes by foot from the Aegean Sea.


Hotels near Basmane Station


If you plan to tour most attractions in the province, Basmane Station is an unbeatable option for budget and practical accommodation. At least two dozen small hotels are located near this important transport point. Here you’ll find three star hotels equipped with all the modern amenities.




Just a thirty minute drive from the city of Izmir stands Alacati, a windsurfers’ paradise in Turkey. Sandy beaches, galleries, nightclubs and Aegean cuisine make this idyllic village summertime’s hottest spot. This is a great place to stay for water sports’ enthusiasts, but it’s also an excellent area to relax and admire the surroundings. As you walk along the cobbled streets, the well preserved architecture of the stone buildings will leave you in awe. Don’t miss the ancient windmills dating back to the 19th century overlooking the village.


Hotels in Alacati


Whether you prefer a small inn or a boutique hotel, you’ll be spoiled for choice in Alacati. There are over 80 hotels in this village and most of them are located in historical buildings displaying traditional architecture. Some of the boutique hotels are decorated in luxurious Ottoman style with marvelous gardens and swimming pools. If you’re looking for a luxurious getaway, book one of the sensational five star hotels in Alacati.