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Family Friendly Attractions in Phoenix

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Phoenix is a popular destination for families, with a wide choice of attractions geared towards younger visitors, including a museum specifically tailored to younger minds. Best of all, the city has some epic outdoor spaces, so whether you go on gentle mountain walks or explore sunny desert parks, your family will certainly expel some serious energy.




Kids will love learning about the old days of the city in the history museums which take visitors from Native American times to the rough and tumble of the cowboy era. And then there are these quirky attractions to explore.


Children’s Museum of Phoenix


Aimed at kids up to the age of 10, the Children’s Museum of Phoenix is a colorful wonderland full of bright and noisy exhibits and experiences where younger ones can play and learn. From places to play pretend, to little cars shaped like pencils and pickles, as well as a messy art studio where kids can create as much chaos as they like, the whole place is a paradise for children.


215 North 7th Street, Phoenix AZ 85034. Tel:+1 602 253 0501


Children’s Museum of Phoenix website
Musical Instrument Museum


This unique museum features over 15,000 instruments, set in interactive displays where you can listen to music from around the world. You'll see instruments that are hundreds of years old, and can marvel at the intricate player pianos and music boxes that play themselves. Parents will love seeing guitars and pianos played by musical legends such as Elvis and Johnny Cash, while children will enjoy the experience gallery where they can touch instruments from different cultures.


4725 East Mayo Boulevard, Phoenix AZ 85050. Tel:+1 480 478 6000


Musical Instrument Museum website




Not far from the center of the city you'll find endless nature trails, deserts tracks, and mountain landscapes which are ideal for family hikes. And then there’s this theme park to give everyone a serious adrenaline boost.


Castles N' Coasters


This 10-acre park is full of attractions for thrill seekers, but if you feel like you need to recover after surging along the twisting roller coasters, you can have a more relaxed time on the mini golf courses. There are also wet rides to cool you down on the hottest days, or you can enjoy the busy arcade full of retro games and pinball machines.


9445 North Metro Parkway East, Phoenix AZ 85051. Tel:+1 602 997 7575


Castles N' Coasters website


Animal adventures


The desert is full of exotic creatures, and you'll find many attractions themed around critters of all sizes. From spotting bobcats and elks on your nature walks, to aquariums full of exotic fish, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy the natural world.


Phoenix Zoo


Phoenix Zoo has wild species from around the world, with plenty of opportunities to get up close to your favorite animals. Monkey Village will have kids and grown-ups all giggling and gawping at the playful residents, while the Red Barn is full of friendly farm animals – your family can even help out by brushing the goats. There's a big focus on conservation too, with comfortable habitats for the rare wild species that live at the zoo.


455 North Galvin Parkway, Phoenix AZ 85008. Tel:+1 602 286 3800


Phoenix Zoo website


Family dining


Although known for its spicy southwestern cuisine, there are plenty of restaurants in Phoenix serving up foods for less advanced taste buds, so the whole family can feast happy.


Lo-Lo's Chicken & Waffles


Hearty, Southern soul food is on the menu at Lo Lo's Chicken & Waffles, and this small local chain is famous for its delicious meals and warm welcome. And let’s face it, what kid could resist waffles covered in caramel, or fried chicken and home fries?


1220 S Central Avenue, Phoenix AZ 85004. Tel:+1 602 340 1304


Lo-Lo's Chicken & Waffles website




There's nothing quite like barbeque for a family meal, and Bobby-Q serves pit-cooked meats made in a classic, Southern style. Adults will enjoy steak, shrimp, ribs, and other favorites, while kids have their own menu including burgers, barbeque sandwiches, and non-barbeque options for fussier eaters.


8501 N 27th Avenue, Phoenix AZ 85051. Tel:+1 602 995 5982


Bobby-Q website