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Arts and Culture in Fremantle - History, Photography, and Aboriginal Art

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Fremantle's relaxed, easy-going atmosphere has made it a meeting place for artists in a wide variety of fields. There are Aboriginal people who create works based on their long history and heritage. There are photographers who capture the landscapes of Western Australia, both above and below the waves. And there are world-class museums and arts centres where you can catch an exhibition or a musical performance.

Fremantle’s museums


Fremantle has several museums which are more than worth checking out. The Western Australian Maritime Museum celebrates Fremantle’s close links with the sea. Exhibits range from commercial pearl luggers to “Australia II," the 1983 America's Cup-winning yacht. Nearby Shipwreck Galleries contains artifacts salvaged from early Dutch vessels that were wrecked along the coast. Elsewhere, the Army Museum of Western Australia commemorates the state’s contribution to Australia’s military history.


Western Australian Maritime Museum


The museum explores Fremantle's long history as a port city.


Victoria Quay, Fremantle, WA 6160Tel: +61 8 9431 8334


Western Australian Maritime Museum website


Army Museum of Western Australia


The museum's collection covers Western Australia's involvement in major conflicts, from colonial days to the present.


Artillery Barracks, Burt Street, Fremantle, WA 6160. Tel: +61 8 9430 2535


Army Museum of Western Australia website

Photography galleries in Fremantle


Fremantle has several photography galleries where you can admire the work of local artists inspired by the region’s natural surroundings. Monk Art Photography Gallery features the colourful, large-format Australian landscapes created by Adam Monk. At Glen Cowans' Studio at the Roundhouse, the photographer's specialty is underwater art. He creates artistic shots of sea creatures and corals, often in abstract form.


Monk Art Photography Gallery


Monk Art Photography Gallery features large-format photographs of the Australian landscape.


62 High Street, Fremantle, WA 6160. Tel: +61 8 9336 6102


Monk Art Photography Gallery website


Glen Cowans' Studio at the Roundhouse


Glen Cowans specializes in underwater photography, mostly shot in Australian waters.


9 Captains Lane, Arthur Head, Fremantle, WA 6159. Tel: +61 8 9433 6617


Glen Cowans' Studio at the Roundhouse website


Aboriginal art in Fremantle


Fremantle is home to a thriving community of Aboriginal artists. Japingka Gallery presents the work of a wide range of local painters. In South Fremantle, Artitja Fine Art holds quarterly exhibitions of Aboriginal art, and is open by appointment at other times. Walyalup Aboriginal Cultural Centre provides a showcase for Aboriginal art, culture, and history. It has dance, song, music, and storytelling performances. It's also a place where you can get together and talk with local Aboriginal people.


Japingka Gallery


Japingka Gallery presents works from a wide range of Aboriginal artists.


47 High Street, Fremantle, WA 6160. Tel: +61 8 9335 8265


Japingka Gallery website


Walyalup Aboriginal Cultural Centre


The cultural centre provides a showcase for Aboriginal art, music, and storytelling.


12 Captain's Lane, Fremantle, WA 6160. Tel: +61 8 9430 7906


Walyalup Aboriginal Cultural Centre website


centres of the arts in Fremantle


The city's cultural hub is Fremantle Arts Centre, housed in a building that was originally the “Fremantle Lunatic Asylum.” It offers a varied agenda covering workshops, music shows, and art exhibitions. Bathers Beach Art Precinct, in the historic Arthur Head area, is home to more than 20 sculptors, painters, and designers. In the city centre, PS Art Space houses 36 studios for use by artists working in a range of fields.


Fremantle Arts Centre


The city's foremost arts complex offers a varied program, from art exhibitions to musical workshops.


1 Finnerty Street, Fremantle WA 6160. Tel: +61 8 9432 9555


Fremantle Arts Centre website


Bathers Beach Art Precinct


Bathers Beach is a collaborative space which includes galleries showing the work of local artists.


1 High Street, Fremantle WA 616. Tel: +61 4179 39783


Bathers Beach Art Precinct website