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A Moscow city guide – stylish shopping, world class ballet, and diverse 24-hour nightlife

Moscow has shrugged off its drab Soviet reputation and is now an exciting global city that relishes burning the candle at both ends. The Russian capital offers a break stuffed with history, striking architecture and plenty of stiff drinks. Discover an enticing metropolis that delights at every corner, whether you want to explore ancient cathedrals, witness a famed ballet performance, or shop ‘til you drop on a historic Moscow street. 

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A Russia travel guide – Orthodox beauty, Soviet grandeur, and a tale of two capitals

Holidays in Russia, the world’s largest country, start with snow-topped church domes, vodka and Cold War intrigue but there’s much more. Take in the grandeur of St. Petersburg and Moscow, the old and new capitals, in a two-city break in Russia. Or range wider across 11 time zones and 4,700 miles for a melting pot of Orthodox beauty, fading Soviet grandeur and stark natural beauty.

A Moscow travel guide – Tsarist opulence, Soviet secrets, Orthodox mystique and ‘New Russian’ excess

A Moscow city break means a weekend of extremes, with Orthodox domes jostling Stalinist skyscrapers, and chaotic markets cheek by jowl with designer malls. Book a Moscow hotel and unravel its Cold War secrets or lose yourself in its high-octane nightlife and multicultural cuisine.

Where to stay in Moscow – a neighborhood guide

Moscow is renowned for its expensive and exclusive hotels. If you’re willing to spend over £200 a night, there are some superb options right in the heart of the city. If not, head further out into the suburbs and travel in on the Metro for the sights; there are plenty of budget hotels and hostels a couple of miles outside the historic center. 

Moscow shopping guide – where to go and what to buy

Moscow is a delight for all shopping fans; whether you want to hit the high street stores or browse for arty souvenirs, the city offers a huge range of options – from the glitzy department stores of Kuznetsky Most to the tiny boutiques of Kitai-Gorod. There are plenty of opportunities to pick up authentic Russian items, such as matrioshka dolls, fur hats, and Soviet posters. 

Where to eat in Moscow – a food and dining guide

The metropolis of Moscow ranks highly when it comes to cuisine choices. Contrary to rumor, there are budget options: local chain restaurants serving regional fast food - like Mu-Mu - and popular canteen-style restaurants such as Grabli. The city definitely doesn’t skimp on the classier establishments though – in fact it’s renowned for its exclusive restaurants and bars found in areas such as Tverskoy.

What to see and do in Moscow – a guide to notable attractions and landmarks

The Russian capital certainly ticks all the boxes when it comes to culture and entertainment – witnessing a ballet performance while here should definitely be on your radar. A wander around the city’s historic center will also reveal a treasure trove of cultural gems such as St Basil’s Cathedral, and if you venture underground the grandeur continues, with chandeliered Metro stations including the famed Kievskaya. 

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