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A Montenegro guide - beautiful beaches and a rich cultural history

Montenegro is one of Europe's smallest countries, however, despite its small stature it packs a punch with incredible landscapes and pristine beach resorts. Most visitors are drawn to the Bay of Kotor and the rest of the coastline; however, it's also worth exploring the mountains and canyons inland too.  

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Where to stay in Montenegro - an area guide

Montenegro has five main regions which offer a range of different sights and attractions, from fresh mountain air to the beautiful blue Adriatic waters. The country is small enough that you could easily drive across it all in a day, but equally you could spend a whole month there and still have more to explore. In every town and village in the country you can enjoy the atmosphere on long summer evenings when the streets fill with people heading out for a slow social stroll. 

Montenegro shopping guide - where to shop and what to buy

Montenegro is not renowned for its shopping experience but there are a few local products that make good gifts to bring home including a bottle of velvety red Vranac wine. Browse the local open-air markets for fresh produce and great souvenirs unique to Montenegro. 

Where to eat in Montenegro - a food and dining guide

Cuisine in Montenegro has multi-cultural influences from a variety of sources thanks to the country’s historical past. These range from Italian and Mediterranean to Turkish and Hungarian. Along the coast, seafood obviously dominates and the quality is generally excellent. Inland, cheese and meat dishes are more common. Across the country restaurant food ranges from functional to fine dining but is typically served in large portions.

What to see and do in Montenegro - a guide to notable attractions

Montenegro may be a small country but it is packed full of striking mountains, dramatic coastlines, remarkable monuments and beautiful walled towns that give you a taste of the Balkans and the Mediterranean. You can enjoy natural attractions in its national parks as well as impressive architecture in its medieval towns and an array of religious buildings. 

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