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Family-friendly Adventures in Bangkok - Interactive Museums, Wildlife Attractions, and City Parks

Bangkok is well known for its lively nightlife and sacred temples. But you don't have to be a grown-up passionate about culture or clubbing to make the most of the city, as there's a lot to entertain little ones too. From exploring bustling markets and travelling by tuk-tuk, to visiting a snake farm and sailing down a khlong (canal), the Thai capital is a feast for kids' senses.

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Bangkok Nightlife and Entertainment - From Lively Backpacker Bars to Cool Jazz Clubs and Hip Cocktail Lounges

Energetic and diverse, the nightlife scene in Bangkok offers much more than just drinking in relaxed backpacker joints around the Khao San Road, or visiting Patpong's infamous go-go bars. You can sip cocktails in chic rooftop bars as you gaze across the skyline, listen to jazz musicians jamming in atmospheric clubs, or dance until dawn as international DJs play house, hip-hop, and electro.

Arts and Culture in Bangkok - Buddhist Temples, Contemporary Galleries, and Traditional Dance

Bangkok's glittering stupas (Buddhist shrines) have been attracting pilgrims for centuries, but an emerging contemporary arts scene means the city offers cultural attractions old and new. For a glimpse of traditional Thai culture, you can book tickets to classical Khon dance performances. The International Festival of Dance and Music, hosted by the Thailand Cultural Centre, offers an impressive program of ballet, opera, and classical recitals.

Where to stay in Bangkok – a neighborhood guide

Bangkok’s places of interest and leisure are so widespread that many of the areas in the city represent a good location to stay. With so many choices, it can be difficult to be sure if you’re picking the right one for you – this guide looks to give you a better idea so that you can best enjoy this wonderful city.

Where to eat in Bangkok – a food and dining guide

Bangkok is a melting pot of culinary delights, with restaurants, cafés, snack bars, and even food carts available at virtually every corner. Given that Bangkok is such a cosmopolitan city, it is no surprise that it comes with a diverse menu of cuisine, including Italian, French, Indian, Chinese, seafood, vegetarian, American, and more exotic Thai bites.

Bangkok Food and Dining Guide - Restaurants, where to eat, and more

Bangkok food goes from cheap and tasty noodle and rice dishes from street vendors up to high class dining in five-star hotels, and everything in between. Obviously Thai food is the big eat, although it is not hard to find virtually any type of cuisine here. In addition, most malls come with a generous supply of food courts, coffee shops, and burger joints.

Bangkok Tourism Guide – Attractions and places to visit in Bangkok

Bangkok has a fine array of attractions and places to visit that will appeal to any tourist. Bangkok tourism’s main claim to fame is its collection of beautiful temples, of which there are more than 400 in the city, with the Grand Palace complex being particularly special. It sits on Rattanakosin Island (old Bangkok), where many other high profile temples and palaces are, along with the buzzing street of Khao San Road.

Bangkok Shopping Guide - Find where and what to shop and buy

As a pastime, shopping in Bangkok is second only to its nightlife. The city is loaded up with malls, arcades, swanky department stores and floating markets, so that you can virtually shop from dawn to dusk.

Culture in Bangkok – iconic temples, colorful markets and Muay Thai

A shining example of oriental culture in the Far East, Bangkok is full of historical sights and modern festivities that tell the ever-developing story of the Thai capital. From sporting spectacles to edgy architecture, Bangkok showcases one of the planet’s most unmistakable cultures.

Bangkok Travel Guide - Your destination overview of Bangkok, Thailand

The Thai capital is a fairly new entity as far as the long history of Thailand goes, established as it was in the 1780s by the current Chakri Dynasty's first monarch. It is a city of deep contrasts and one of Asia's most cosmopolitan, with a bustling Chinatown and visitors from every corner of the globe.

A Thailand travel guide – pristine beaches, cultured cities and lively nightlife

Island-hopping through aquamarine waters, Buddhist monks praying in ornate temples and tasty Thai curries -- holidays in Thailand satisfy all the senses. Book a Thailand hotel to experience the magic of the land of smiles.

A Bangkok travel guide – elaborate temples, street food and top-notch nightlife

A Bangkok city break is a sensory overload. From colourful temples and bustling night bazaars to the aromas of street food and hum of tuk-tuk taxis, there’s never a dull moment on a stay in a Bangkok hotel.

Where to shop in Bangkok - where to go and what to buy

As a pastime whose popularity is eclipsed only by Bangkok’s nightlife, the Thai capital is loaded up with shopping malls, department stores, street markets, and their unique floating markets. Bangkok is rich in items from both ends of the shopping spectrum; from antiques and monastic ornaments to jewelry and high-end designer clothing. Shopping and trade has been a fundamental part of Thai life for many years, so a shopping trip here is not just a form of retail therapy but also an insight into Thai tradition.

What to see and do in Bangkok – a guide to notable attractions and landmarks

Bangkok is a fast-paced city with high-rise buildings, lively markets, and elegant temples. As one of the most bustling cities in Asia, you can expect endless energy and vibrant nightlife with an oriental flavor, which makes Bangkok so attractive.

Bangkok Travel Tips - Helpful hints and advice on local destination information

Bangkok is quite a safe city although touts and pickpockets are rife and it pays to remain alert at all times. Avoiding the midday heat and keeping hydrated with bottled water is a must, while doing drugs in Thailand is not advised as penalties are extremely harsh.

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