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Los Angeles, California, United States of America

48 hours in Los Angeles - see the stars, the sign and the studios in just one weekend

Los Angeles is enormous. It isn’t really a city so much as several cities stuck together. This means that without careful planning, you can spend most of your time driving from place to place. Follow this itinerary to avoid that, and see the best parts of the city in a weekend.

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A city guide to Los Angeles – bright lights, beaches, sunshine and stars

Los Angeles is truly a global city that has become famous the world over for its bright lights, big names and a mixing pot of hopes and dreams. Aside from the allure of Hollywood and its thriving film and music industry, Los Angeles is also a mecca for shoppers, foodies, beach-lovers and fitness fans.

Short getaways in Los Angeles – beaches, boutiques, art and architecture

It’s impossible to see everything on a short getaway in Los Angeles, but you can squeeze in some fantastic experiences with a few nights in a Los Angeles hotel. Here’s an itinerary to help.

A Los Angeles travel guide – Hollywood, beaches and 330 days of sunshine

A Los Angeles vacation is a chance to get away from it all. Book a Los Angeles hotel and explore miles of beaches, rub elbows with celebrities, and sample global cuisines.

Where to stay in Los Angeles – a neighborhood guide

Like the city’s restaurants, shops and inhabitants, places to stay in Los Angeles are far from predictable and certainly not uniform. Whether you are looking for all out glamour and sophistication, panoramic beach views, a locally-run bed and breakfast or a lively family resort, L.A. can deliver. With attractions spread all over this buzzing city it’s worth considering what you want to be closest to before making your decision, especially if you don’t have access to a car.

Los Angeles shopping guide – where to go and what to buy

Los Angeles truly is a shopper’s paradise – absolutely stuffed with flashy malls, retail boulevards and quirky independent stores. International fashion takes the upper hand here, from the most outrageous designs to sleek modern elegance. The legendary Rodeo Drive, portrayed in so many movies, is the obvious shopper’s magnet – but if you venture beach-ward you’ll also find more affordable shopping havens, in the hipster hangout of Abbot Kinney or Long Beach’s Retro Row.

Where to eat in Los Angeles – a food and dining guide

The ‘City of Angels’ is renowned for its multicultural flavors and Californian spin on the classics. With a penchant for embracing ethnic dishes and traditional American classics you can go from sushi to Thai green curry and Peking duck to southern fried chicken in the blink of an eye. Health food fanatics will also be in their element as organic farm produce is easy to come by and specialist diets are catered for with ease.

What to see and do in Los Angeles – a guide to notable attractions and activities

A stay in L.A. will never be dull. Whether you crave the bright lights of Hollywood, the great outdoors of Pasadena, the designer boutiques of Rodeo Drive or the sandy expanses of Santa Monica and Venice Beach, you’ll find the L.A. magic scattered wherever you look. Getting around is easier if you hire a car; with a set of wheels you can explore beyond the well-trodden tourist trail and get under the skin of this sunshine city.

How to take better holiday photos

Whether you’re away for a family beach holiday or a long-haul trek around the world, make sure you have great memories of your trip with our tips on how to take better holiday photos.

Top 10 drives in the world

Whether it’s to be a dizzying Alpine pass or an epic Pacific road trip, this guide to the top 10 drives in the world will help you choose the right hotel.

Top 10 free things to do in Los Angeles

Concerts, movies, sights and shopping, reserve a Los Angeles hotel and you can see it all. And if you know where to look, you can get all that and more for free.

Summer vacations in Los Angeles

Summer vacations in Los Angeles are all about blue skies, expansive beaches, garden walks and outdoor concerts. Book a summer hotel in Los Angeles and enjoy the warm weather and leisurely pace of southern California.

Where to stay in Los Angeles - a travel guide to Los Angeles's neighbourhoods

Find the Los Angeles hotel that’s right for you in one of Los Angeles’ varied neighborhoods. Use this guide to choose where to stay on your Los Angeles city break.

Top 10 hotels in Los Angeles

Choose a beachside retreat, a romantic suite under the city lights, or a designer boutique from this guide to the top 10 hotels in Los Angeles.

Top 10 TV and movie moments in Los Angeles

Spot celebrities and tour movie studios in the entertainment capital of the world. Shop, dine and relax in a Los Angeles hotel with an insider view of Hollywood.

Los Angeles Travel Tips

The City of Angels is heaven on earth for shoppers, celeb spotters, and big dreamers, so grab some shades and strut your stuff under the Californian sun. Whether you want to surf the crests of crashing waves, lie back on golden beaches, or splash the cash along the city’s glittering shopping streets, Los Angeles is a city that ceaselessly excites. And don’t be fooled by the reputation for superficiality - if you want to dig a little deeper, you’ll find a city that’s alive with culture and creativity.

Nightlife & Entertainment in Los Angeles

Get set for a party with the Hollywood elite, as you dive into Los Angeles’s legendary nightlife. Whether you’re heading out for a glitzy mega-club in a stretch limousine, or hanging out in a lively bar offering endless rows of craft beers and Californian wines, LA’s nightlife is sure to leave you seeing stars.

Family Friendly Attractions in Los Angeles

Blast off for an interstellar adventure, throw your hands in the air on some of the world’s most fearsome roller coasters, and touch perfectly preserved fossils – you can do it all on the ultimate family vacation in Los Angeles. With top class entertainment, sunny beaches, and family-friendly food, LA will bring out the big kid in anyone.

Arts and Culture in Los Angeles

Home to the Hollywood dream factory, and with one out of every six of its residents working in the creative industries, it's hardly a surprise that Los Angeles is a city that drips with culture. Get inspired for yourself by visiting the city’s history-steeped theaters, museums, and music venues.

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