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Drinking, Dancing, and Dive Bars - A Look at Laughlin Nightlife

Laughlin’s knack for entertainment heats up as soon as the sun goes down. Each casino is chock full of activities aimed at keeping the party alive, from sleek dance clubs to cozy cocktail lounges. Of course, you’ll always find a slot machine or table game to keep you entertained as you sip your drink.

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Casino Games, Golf, and Good Times - Things to Do in Laughlin

After opening a casino in 1964, Don Laughlin put the city that bears his surname on the map. Laughlin remains a great place for gamers, but it's also bloomed into a playground for lovers of outdoor recreation. While a good chunk of Laughlin’s activity is built around its row of casinos, visitors who head off its main drag will encounter unique opportunities for fun in the desert sun.

A Look at Laughlin - Your Guide to Nevada’s Riverside Gaming Paradise

Laughlin combines the flash of Nevada gaming with the splash of river-based adventure. Those looking to woo Lady Luck visit this compact riverfront town to search the casinos for a hot slot machine or gaming table. The adjacent colourado River lures thrill-seekers, revelers, and fun-loving families to partake in several water-based activities, while nearby parks and nature preserves show off the area’s quieter side.

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