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A Guide to Accommodation in Santa Fe and Nearby Towns and Pueblos

As a major visitor destination, Santa Fe has plenty of hotels, motels, and bed-and-breakfasts to offer. The higher-end places are around the Plaza and close to Canyon Road. They are within walking distance of art galleries, shopping, and restaurants. To the south, you'll find more affordable options, with good low- to medium-priced accommodation.

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Art, Native American Crafts, Jewelry, and More - A Guide to Shopping in Santa Fe

Shopping for art is one of the main activities in Santa Fe. Contemporary paintings and sculpture, Native American pottery, and other handcrafted pieces are plentiful. Turquoise and silver jewelry is ubiquitous - you'll be overwhelmed by the variety, with prices to suit every budget. You'll also find Southwestern clothing and home accessories. Don't forget to take home some dried chiles to spice up your cooking.

Art Galleries, Shopping, and Southwestern Cooking - What to See and Do in Santa Fe

Visitors to Santa Fe will find a rich mix of historical and contemporary influences in its artistic, cultural, and culinary scenes. It's a hub for contemporary art and handicrafts, with a strong emphasis on its Spanish and Native American heritage. Nightlife is relaxed but very active: You'll find opera, ballet, and all genres of live music. The city has also become a popular food destination.

New Mexico's Artistic Hub - A City Guide to Santa Fe

Santa Fe is one of the largest art markets in the country, and has been designated a Creative City by UNESCO. Surrounded by the spectacular Sangre de Cristo Mountains, the city rewards visitors with its stunning landscape, thriving visual arts scene, and rich history and culture. A varied dining scene and excellent shopping opportunities - including distinctive Native American handicrafts - add to its many attractions.

Live Music, Tapas Bars, Breweries, and More - A Guide to Santa Fe's Nightlife

Nightlife in Santa Fe is low-key, casual, and relaxed, and has plenty of cultural offerings. Besides classical music, opera, and art openings, live music dominates Santa Fe’s diverse night scene. Both upcoming and well-established artists from all over come to perform in Santa Fe, and there's a huge variety of genres, especially during the summer.

Pueblos, Giant Bubbles, and Chocolate - Family Fun in Santa Fe

Santa Fe has plenty to offer visitors who are planning a family vacation. The city and surrounding area have fun, kids-oriented things to do, many of them based on art and history. So bring along the whole family and discover all that New Mexico's capital has to offer.

Art Galleries, Native American Crafts, Classical Music - A Guide to Arts and Culture in Santa Fe

Santa Fe is a city rich in art and culture, with more than 250 art galleries, several art and history museums, a thriving opera house, and a symphony orchestra. It's well known as a centre of Native American handicrafts, especially the silver and turquoise jewelry and pottery distinctive to the Southwest.

The Many Flavors of Santa Fe - A Guide to Where to Dine

Santa Fe has become a popular dining destination among food lovers. The number of restaurants is large for a city of its size, offering a great selection of cuisines. You’ll find everything from the usual fast-food outlets to superb high-end restaurants. There’s a profusion of Southwestern and modern French fare, with an emphasis on innovation and the use of fresh ingredients and local flavors.

Travel Tips for Santa Fe - How to Make the Most of Your Visit

A top destination for art lovers, Santa Fe boasts many art museums and more than 200 art galleries. Its Native American handicrafts, distinctive pueblo architecture, and excellent Southwestern cuisine add to its attractions. The majestic Sangre de Cristo mountains form a stunning backdrop. Summers are the busiest time, so make your reservations well in advance.

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