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Patong for Kids - Stage Shows, Surfing, and Mazes

Patong offers plenty to keep all the family happy, including idyllic beaches which are safe and fun, water parks and kids’ clubs, and shows to entrance all ages. There's a world of optical illusions, and mazes to get lost in. And most Thais love children, so you’ll find families are warmly welcomed almost everywhere.

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Affordable Guesthouses, Secluded Villas, and Luxury Beachfront Resorts - Where to Stay in Patong

Patong is Phuket's most popular destination. Whichever hotel you choose, you’re sure to be in the thick of the action - Patong beach is only 300 meters long and 500 meters from the centre of town. If you'd like to be outside but near Patong's bustling nightlife scene, Karon Beach to the south and Kamala Beach to the north are both easily accessible, with a wide variety of accommodation.

Malls, Bespoke Tailoring, and Late Night Markets - Where to Shop in Patong

What Patong might lack in diversity of shopping experiences, it makes up for in opportunities. Local markets and malls do a roaring trade in copied leather goods and factory surplus clothing. Downtown's ever-growing plethora of tailors can quickly work up a bespoke suit for a fraction of the prices commanded along Savile Row. You'll be expected to haggle, and jokes and a smile will take you a long way.

Turn up the Heat in Patong - Sunshine, Beaches, Buzzing Nightlife After Dark

Patong is best known for its 3-kilometer beach, and energetic (and often raunchy) nightlife, but you'll also find spectacular stage shows, thrilling zorb and zip line adventures, as well as real Muay Thai boxing matches in the area. If you're after some peace and quiet, you'll find some of Phuket's most visually arresting beaches just north and south of Patong Bay.

Broad Beaches, Tranquil Temples, and Bustling Nightlife - A Guide to Patong

Pa Tong - or Patong as it's generally known - is Phuket's most famous beach destination. Sun worshippers flock to the beach by day, and after dark, the town comes alive with hundreds of bars, clubs, and discos. And while the entertainment scene here tends to cater more to adults, you'll also find plenty of family-friendly activities in and around Patong, including water parks and spectacular stage shows.

Patong Nightlife and Entertainment - Live Shows, Buzzing Bars, and Dance Floors

There are few places that party harder than Patong. Whether you're looking to sip sundowners to blissed-out grooves, or find some company and dance into the wee hours, Patong offers wall-to-wall after-dark entertainment. Start the evening with a gaudy stage show, then hit the bar and club scene - most nightspots open at sunset and kick on until dawn, or beyond.

Arts and Culture in Patong - Galleries, Museums, and Muay Thai Matches

Because Patong has grown up around offering beach activities by day and a buzzing nightlife after dark, the city's arts scene is mainly geared towards stage entertainment. There are a few small museums, art galleries, and temples that offer a few hours' distraction within the city limits, and you'll find more cultural sites of interest elsewhere on Phuket Island.

Dining in Patong - Thai and International Cuisine at Prices to Suit Every Pocket

Visitors come to Patong from all over the world, and as you'd expect, its restaurants reflect the cosmopolitan nature of the clientele. Arab, Mexican, German, French, Moroccan - you’ll find all of these cuisines and more around the city, along with a generous helping of Thai eateries. And with options to suit every pocket, you're definitely not going to go hungry.

Travel Tips - Getting the Most From Your Patong Stay

Offering palm-fringed beaches with fine white sand and crystal-clear water, nightlife ranging from lavish shows to pumping dance clubs, and a mouth-watering array of Thai and international food, Patong makes a great tropical vacation destination. Accustomed to welcoming visitors, the locals are friendly and helpful, and most speak excellent English, so communication won’t be problem.

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