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Arts and Culture in Torquay, Home of the Mystery Novel

Torquay has a cultural life that extends far beyond seaside entertainment, with innovative art projects happening throughout the year. There is one name that dominates the cultural scene here, however. The reason is not a mystery, when you consider that the town's native daughter, Agatha Christie, is one of the best-selling novelists of all time.

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Where to Stay in Torquay - From Traditional Guesthouses to Seafront Resorts

Torquay specializes in warm welcomes, with plenty of family-run guesthouses to choose from in the middle of the town. Further out towards the coast, you can find some newer hotels in the area offer a more all-inclusive experience, with modern resort facilities and sea views.

What to See and Do in Torquay - Views from Above, Prehistoric Caves, and Rural Devon

Torquay is a great destination for a classic beach holiday, but there's a lot more to the area than sun and sand. The region is rich in history, from Stone Age cave dwellers to Edwardian innovators, and it's a place where the traditional English way of life blends harmoniously with the modern.

Torquay City Guide - Life on the English Riviera

On the southwest coast of England, surrounded by the wild Devon countryside, the seaside town of Torquay offers a little taste of the Mediterranean. It's on a stretch of coast which earned the nickname "the English Riviera" in the 1930s, when holidaymakers would flock to the town and marvel at its palm trees and sunny microclimate. Today, it's a charming seaside town with a large marina and vibrant cultural life.

Cabaret and Rock Bars - Nightlife and Entertainment in Torquay

Torquay has a long tradition of entertaining its guests, offering fine British seaside entertainment as well as some great pubs. In recent years, it's become the hot spot for the South Devon area, with upmarket joints opening up to provide vibrant nightlife for the area's party animals.

Family-Friendly Fun in Torquay

If you're hitting Torquay on one of its many sunny days, you'll most likely want to head to the sandy beaches, most of which have facilities such as toilets and baby-changing. There's plenty of indoor fun to be had around the town, from captivating attractions to high-energy activities where the little ones can have fun while tiring themselves out.

Where to Eat in Torquay - From Fast Food to Gourmet Seafood

From its picturesque seaside location, Torquay has many gastronomic options to suit every palate and budget. Pubs, cafés, and restaurants work with high-quality ingredients from fresh fish caught each morning to the produce of the rich Devon farmland. You'll find a wide range of global cuisine, including Japanese and Mexican, as well as that hearty English staple: fish and chips.

Tips for Making the Most of Your Stay in Torquay

Torquay manages the impressive feat of being very English, while not being like England at all. The palm trees in the streets help to make it feel like a different country at times, as does the unusually warm weather, but the people and the town are thoroughly British.

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