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Having the Best Time in Belfast - Tips for Enjoying the City

Belfast has seen its share of hard times, but a visitor would never know that from the fun-loving attitude of its citizens and the positive atmosphere of its up-and-coming cultural quarters. Old warehouses and linen mills have been converted to shopping arcades, art spaces, and entertainment zones. But Belfast's past achievements are honored, too, from well-preserved Victorian saloons to the shipyards that built the Titanic.

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From Townhouse to Country House - Where to Stay in and Around Belfast

Old-fashioned Ulster hospitality isn't limited to Belfast's long-serving guesthouses, where bed and breakfast still means homestyle rooms and freshly baked soda bread. You'll get the same warm welcome at a boutique hotel near Belfast Cathedral, or in a renovated townhouse near Queen's University. Executives can find business-friendly accommodation along the waterfront, while the Antrim countryside is dotted with options for family vacations and romantic getaways.

From Victorian Markets to Modern Malls - Where to Shop in Belfast

Belfast has always been a shopping destination, with day-trippers and weekend-breakers coming from across Ireland and the UK for fresh local produce and the latest fashions. The best-known Belfast markets have been around for centuries, while the revival of the city centre has seen trendy new boutiques and craft shops open on some of its oldest streets.

What to See and Do in Belfast - Big Ships, Historic Tours, and Fairytale Landscapes

Belfast is booming. Its ongoing regeneration keeps adding new attractions to the waterfront and Victoria Square, with other faded corners springing back to life. But many fascinating sights are still based around Belfast's past. Steamships in the port, folk songs in the pubs, and colourful murals in the streets all help tell the story. Plus you've got the mythic countryside to explore.

From the Meatiest Fried Breakfast to the Freshest Seafood Supper - Where to Eat in Belfast

A few family-run institutions have been feeding Belfast for generations, and locals say it's still the best place in the world for traditional fish and chips. But recent years have seen the rise of a new foodie scene in the city, with gourmet restaurants and trendy tapas bars popping up to cater for more adventurous tastes. Even so-called "pub grub" is fancier these days.

A Belfast travel guide – a city reborn with modern dining and traditional pub nights

A Belfast city break offers visitors a new view of Northern Ireland’s first city. Experience grand Victorian buildings transformed into luxury Belfast hotels and cultural centres. Make the most of the famous Belfast welcome with modern Irish dining and traditional music in pubs.

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