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Delhi Shopping Guide - Find where and what to shop and buy

If you aren't afraid to elbow your way through crowded bazaars and haggle with vendors, Delhi is a fantastic shopping arena. Large Western-style shopping malls cloud the horizon; however, the city's shopping turf is still largely confined to the rudimentary marketplace.

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A New Delhi City Guide – compellingly chaotic swirl of Indian culture, both new and old

New Delhi is a city bursting culture, colour, clutter, and chaos. Whether you’re backpacking or planning a luxury city break, there’s a huge amount to immerse yourself in. Taking in the mightily impressive array of historic sights and attractions perched all over the city, as well as the bustling marketplaces drenched in the tastes and smells of India, you’ll relish being an urban explorer in this colourful capital.

Where to Stay in New Delhi – a neighbourhood guide

A diverse and multicultural centre, New Delhi is bursting with life. Whether you’re a keen tourist looking to burrow into the city’s buzzing bazaars and authentic markets, or a passionate foodie in search of the most inspiring recipes, you’ll want the right place to bed down. You might require something quiet and plush, surrounded by history, or perhaps you don’t care so long as it’s clean and cheap. Rest assured New Delhi’s got you covered.

New Delhi Shopping Guide – where and what to shop and buy

An essential Indian trading centre since medieval times, New Delhi has very much continued in that vein, with shopping at the top of many a traveller’s agenda when visiting the city. Whether you’re diving head first into the hustle and haggle of the bargain-laden markets – weaving through the crowds and basking in the pungent chaos – or browsing higher-end boutiques before a classy meal, you’re guaranteed a memorable time.

What to See and Do in New Delhi – a guide to notable attractions and landmarks

A swirling blend of proud Indian heritage and the fast evolving modern world, New Delhi is a magnetic and intriguing city. Dotted with historic ruins and evocative traces of the Mughal era scattered among the most imposing of modern buildings, India’s capital has something for all tourists. Whether you want to brave the intoxicating markets of the old town or browse an impressive collection of contemporary art, there’s much to choose from.

Where to Eat in New Delhi – a food and dining guide

An exuberantly cosmopolitan society, New Delhi presents visitors with a giant menu of culinary excellence. With sweet and spicy morsels served up amid the winding alleyways and a vast array of restaurants made famous by bold and inventive combinations, there’s something to try at just about every turn. A selection of decades-old establishments dripping with the flavours of authentic northern Indian culture might just prove the highlight of your trip.

Delhi Food and Dining Guide - Restaurants, where to eat, and more

Delhi is widely known as a dining destination; aside from the delicious Indian cuisine, a number of excellent international restaurants serve up dishes from around the globe.

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