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Insider Travel Tips for the Vibrant City of Agra

The fascinating city of Agra is easily accessible from Delhi and Mumbai by air or train. With 3 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including the Taj Mahal, as well as Mughal-era gardens and tombs, it's a destination that deserves a few days of your time. Persian ingredients blend with North Indian cooking traditions in the flavorful local cuisine.

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Where to Stay in Agra - Elegant Resorts near the Taj Mahal to City Center Hotels

Agra takes pride in its fascinating history and its association with the iconic Taj Mahal. The city's accommodation options include world-class resort hotels offering lavish spa treatments, but there's something for every budget. If you're looking for all the comforts of home without a high price tag, you'll find that in Agra, too.

Where to Shop in Agra - Bustling Bazaars, Handicraft Stores, and Carpet Emporiums

Agra is an exciting shopping destination where you'll find distinctive handicrafts, locally made jewelry, and memorable souvenirs inlaid with marble. Embroidery and handwoven carpets created using traditional techniques make colourful gifts to take home. From lively bazaars serving tasty street food to welcoming, family-owned stores, the city offers an inspiring variety of retail experiences.

What to See and Do in Agra - Cycling Tours, Taj Mahal Views, and Wildlife Sanctuaries

Agra's beautifully preserved buildings and centuries-old markets almost make it possible to imagine life when it was the capital of the Mughal Empire. Exploring the city on foot or by bike is a fascinating way to see some of its less-visited sights, while visitors can enjoy close encounters with elephants and bears at 2 world-class animal sanctuaries.

A City Guide to Agra - Taj Mahal, Ancient Forts, and Mughal Gardens

Agra is where you'll find one of the most romantic wonders the world, the Taj Mahal. It's also a destination with spiritual mythology dating back to the ancient "Mahabharata." With elegant gardens from the Mughal era, peaceful wildlife sanctuaries, and 3 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the city offers a wealth of exciting choices for visitors.

A Guide to Eating in Agra - North Indian Dishes, Mughlai Cuisine, and Continental Favorites

Agra is a great place to sample traditional Mughlai cuisine, which combines Persian influences, such as nuts and dried fruits, with aromatic North Indian spices. Richly spiced, creamy curries feature on many restaurant menus and dishes are often shared. The region's fascinating history is reflected in the variety of ingredients and flavors on offer.

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