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Tokyo - A Playground for Kids of all Ages

Tokyo is a world capital of video games and comic books. Classic cartoon characters and futuristic robots populate theme parks, while the cityscape offers dazzling views and restful green spaces for picnics. Even public transport is an adventure, as you transfer from subway lines to monorails to boat rides on the Sumida River.

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Arts and Culture in Tokyo - From Temples to Late-night Jazz Clubs

The Japanese capital is both a hub for traditional native art forms and an international center for creative culture. You can absorb centuries of Eastern and Western art at the cluster of museums around Ueno Park, and take in ultramodern exhibitions amid the high-rise surroundings of Roppongi Art Triangle.

48 hours in Tokyo - the mega-city made manageable

Tokyo is part of the largest urban area on Earth, so a solid plan is essential if you want to avoid getting lost in the seemingly endless urban expanse. Here’s an itinerary for a short stay in the city that will allow you to see the best parts of Japan’s colossal capital.

Tokyo City Guide – some of the most exciting neighborhoods Tokyo has to offer

Tokyo Metropolis as we now know it was only formed in 1943. Previously Tokyo was merely a city, which was then merged with the former Tokyo Prefecture to create the largest metropolitan area in the world. Today, numerous neighborhoods make up the metropolis, many of which are known for attractions like sumo-wrestlers, eccentric fashion and night clubbing. The neighborhoods are easy to navigate, held together by a circuit of train loops called the Yamanote Line.

Tokyo Travel Guide - Your destination overview of Tokyo, Japan

As the world's largest metropolitan center, Tokyo can be an intimidating place for first-time visitors. But behind the skyscrapers, crowds and bustling streets is a charming cultural hub with enough sights and activities to thrill visitors for days on end.

A Tokyo travel guide – ancient temples, edgy fashions and culinary delights

A Tokyo city break means visits to colourful temples, sushi fresh off the boat or shopping for the latest designs in this futuristic metropolis. Stay at a Tokyo hotel to experience it all first hand.

A Japan travel guide – serene shrines, volcanic landscapes and sumo wrestling

Holidays in Japan will take you from snow-topped mountains to subtropical beaches, from steaming hot springs and peaceful temples to neon lights and ultra-modern bars. Book your Japan hotel and experience a country steeped in centuries-old tradition yet at the cutting edge of design and technology.

Where to stay in Tokyo – Ryokans, temples lodgings, capsules and first class hotels

When Tokyo comes to mind, it brings with it images of luxurious skyscraper hotels with all the extras, including the price tag. Yet Tokyo offers a huge variety of places to rest your head from traditional Japanese temple lodgings in the mountains to the latest in hotel convenience in mid-city capsule hotels. For a real Japanese feel, try out a ryokan with low level furniture and plenty of Zen.

Where to Shop in Tokyo – from expensive boutiques to charming flea markets

Tokyo is its own epicentre when it comes to shopping, with towering malls plastered with brightly colored advertising signs, it would be hard to ignore the city’s thirst for consumerism. It has its own ‘out-there’ cult fashion and is one of the best places in the world for gadgets. From designer boutiques to flea markets, Tokyo certainly has it all as sightseeing districts double as shopping areas specialising in certain trends and themes.

Where to eat in Tokyo - a guide to cafes, restaurants and everything in-between

Tokyo is known as the city with the most Michelin star restaurants in the world, 17 of which have three stars. However, don’t be fooled into thinking this is all Tokyo has to offer;  it is a core of all foods from sushi to European influences of French and Italian and South East Asian food. Similarly to the range of food on offer, cafes and restaurants vary from being located above or below offices, in malls or on top of hotels.

What to see and do in Tokyo – modern architecture, traditional culture and landscapes

The Metropolitan area of Tokyo is a cultural hub bursting with historical traditions versus the relatively new cities’ buildings and huge shopping obsession. The city brings the modern architecture and fashion together seamlessly with the beauty of traditional Japanese arts and culture. The city also owes part of its attraction to the backdrop of Mount Fuji and the iconic cherry blossom trees.

Tokyo Food and Dining Guide - Restaurants, where to eat, and more

Tokyo, Japan’s capital city is formidable when it comes to the quality and variety of foods. Tokyo tourists and locals will find everything from noodle shops to upscale traditional dinners (kaiseki), but it doesn't stop there. After touring the sushi bars and tempura restaurants, there are just as many international eateries serving authentic Western cuisine. In this Tokyo dining, food and restaurant guide will help you decide where you can find your favourite cuisines while in Tokyo, Japan.

Tokyo Sightseeing Guide - Visit notable attractions and landmarks

While Tokyo's endless of blocks of high-rise architecture drive some to flee for Japan's remote sectors, Tokyo tourist who stick around quickly find there's more to this city than they first assumed.

Tokyo Entertainment Guide - For fun, recreation, and relaxation

Tokyo's cosmopolitan atmosphere fosters an outstanding entertainment scene, with an option to suit any brand of visitor. Central districts like Shibuya, Shinjuku and Ginza stay busy well into the early morning hours when metro service resumes.

Tokyo Shopping Guide - Find where and what to shop and buy

Shopping is a Japanese obsession, and it's hard not to be drawn into the enthusiasm while visiting. There's no limit to what you can buy here, from traditional handicrafts to the latest-breaking models of digital cameras or designer fashions.

Tokyo Travel Tips - Helpful hints and advice on local destination information

Tokyo was insulated from the rest of the world for centuries, and locals today still rely on well-established cultural norms. Visitors will find the Japanese warm and hospitable, but they'll also find that the burden to assimilate is their own. In the course of a visit, tourists will come to appreciate the city for its modern touches, especially the world-class transportation network.

Spring holidays in Tokyo

Cherry blossoms in bloom, historic shrine festivals and river cruises in pleasant temperatures make for the perfect spring holiday in Tokyo. Book a Tokyo hotel in spring to enjoy the city’s liveliest and most fascinating alfresco experiences.

Top 10 things to do only in Tokyo

Only in Tokyo can you encounter a wealth of fascinating obsessions found nowhere else in the world. Feel the tingle of eating blowfish, check out Tokyo’s youth dressed up as comic-book characters and head back in time to Edo Tokyo ryokan hotels with this guide to the city’s unique experiences.

Where to stay in Tokyo – a travel guide to Tokyo‘s neighbourhoods

Tokyo is best enjoyed with a convenient Tokyo hotel. This guide to the city’s central districts will help you choose where to stay in Tokyo.

Short breaks in Tokyo – a tantalising taste of food, fashion and architectural forms

A short break in Tokyo offers an overview of the city’s finest cuisine, shopping and historical sites. Book a Tokyo hotel and follow this fascinating two-day tour

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