Food and dining in Tongyeong draws foodies from all over the world to its interesting delicacies and world-class eateries, from takeaway street food to 5-star restaurants. Some must-try foods include smoked duck bulgogi; dodarissukguk, a flounder and mugwort soup; meonggae bibimbap, or sea squirt; Chungmu kimbap, a rice wrap with spicy baby octopus and kimchi and kkulppang, or Korean honey bread.

    Among the most popular restaurants in the city is Tongyeong Daeoe Chobap, which specialises in a spicy hot pot with fish called bokeo mauntang. For Chungmu, visit the Chungmu Halmae Gimbap, where the dish originated. If you’ve got a sweet tooth, go to Omisa Ghul Bbang for honey bread.

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