The best nudist beaches in Spain are places where you can enjoy the sun, sea, and sand of the country’s coastline without needing to keep your swimwear on. Spain has a lot of naturist beaches, where clothing is optional and people have no issue with bathers being completely in the nude.

    Whether you're staying along the mainland coastlines or the Canary Islands, you'll have plenty of options when choosing a nudist beach in Spain. Here, we have gathered some of the very seaside spots to go au naturel. 


    Playas de Vera, Andalucía

    One of the largest nudist beaches in Europe

    Playa de Vera is a secluded nudist beach in the far south-eastern corner of Andalucía. The beach is part of Níjar Natural Park, which is a 30-minute drive from the town of Almeria.

    The nudist section of Playa de Vera stretches for around 1 km in length. It's lined with several naturist-friendly restaurants, along with toilets and shower facilities. There’s even a naturist hotel at the northern end of the beach. The town of Playas de Vera is very liberal, and naturists can often be seen walking from their hotel to Playa de Vera.


    Playa de la Pelada, Tenerife

    Black sand nudist beach on Tenerife’s southern coast

    Playa de la Pelada is a wild and raw stretch of coast that’s popular with naturists. The palm-lined beach fronts a rocky headland and its fine black/brown sand has an otherworldly quality.

    Do be prepared to walk down the rocks from the car park, which can be challenging but has the advantage of creating seclusion for naturists who would rather be far from the crowds. The coastline is shallow, with some nice waves to splash about in. There are no facilities so pack everything you’ll need. If you have to resupply, the village of Arenas del Mar is a short walk away.


    Maspalomas Beach, Gran Canaria

    Stunning beach backed by epic sand dunes

    Maspalomas Beach is one of the longest beaches in Gran Canaria, with several sections dedicated to different types of travellers. The nudist beach section is around 1 km from the main bars close to town, with an LGBTQ+ section a little further on, clearly identified by rainbow flags.

    Located in the south of Gran Canaria, Maspalomas Beach is more than just a great beach. The magnificent sand dunes of the Special Nature Reserve of Dunas de Maspalomas are a fantastic point of interest for travellers. The sandy formations are shaped by the wind but protected by an enclave that preserves the area's natural habitat and biodiversity.

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    Cala de Home Mort, Stiges

    Clothing-optional beach at the bottom of a rocky ravine

    Cala de Home Mort is a small and well-hidden beach on the outskirt of Stiges. It’s at the bottom of a rocky headland. Be sure to wear closed shoes to get to the beach. There’s a beach bar at the edge of the sand, with sun loungers and parasols for rent.

    The sea is shallow here, which is more suitable for a quick dip than a long swim. You can reach the beach in around 10 minutes from Stiges, which is around 30 minutes from the Catalonian capital of Barcelona.


    photo by Isidro Jabato (CC BY-SA 3.0) modified


    Platja des Cavallet, Ibiza

    Leave the crowds (and your clothes) far behind you

    Es Cavallet Beach is an officially nudist beach that’s split into sections for naturists, beach partygoers, and the LGBTQ+ community. It’s on the southern tip of Ibiza, a short drive from Ibiza Town. You won’t struggle to find a place to lay your towel on this 1-km-long stretch of white sand lapped by rolling waves. We recommend heading to the beach before lunchtime so that you don’t have to traverse the salt flats in the blistering heat.

    Ibiza enjoys a well-deserved reputation as the quintessential party island of the Mediterranean, but it also caters to those who want to soak up the sun without resulting in unsightly tan lines.


    Es Trenc Beach, Mallorca

    A very popular beach that has a designated naturist section

    Es Trenc Beach is a postcard-pretty beach in the south of Mallorca. The white sand lapped by shallow turquoise waters could easily be the Caribbean or somewhere in the Indian Ocean. This glorious stretch of coastline is a real head-turner and its immediate hinterland of pine trees, sand dunes, and salt flats are almost as stunning.

    This beach has plenty of facilities, including restaurants, bars, and sun loungers to rent. The central section is popular with families, groups, locals and foreigners, but if you walk right along the beach from the car park, you will leave the crowds behind and find more nudist bathers.

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    Playa del Ambolo, Valencia

    A narrow, secluded beach with calm waters and good snorkelling

    Playa del Ambolo is a tiny slither of beach backed by a tall headland. Most visitors here are nudists, many of them attracted by the back-to-basics nature and rocky seabed that’s a delight for snorkellers.

    The walkway to Playa del Ambolo has fallen into disrepair, so you’ll need to hike over rocks and boulders from the single road leading to the headland above the beach. Although this beach is in Valencia province, it’s very close to the Alicante border and a short drive from Benidorm.


    Playa de Ses Illetes, Formentera

    Stunning beach on the north tip of this Balearic island

    Playa de Ses Illetes is a narrow strip of sand that frequently ranks among the finest beaches in Europe for its chalk-white sands and calm, shallow waters. One of Formentera's most popular beaches, it attracts a wide variety of visitors, the majority being day-trippers from Ibiza. This is a liberal, clothing-optional beach, with naturists tending to move to its northern tip.

    Come early in the morning to beat the crowds. Be sure to bring refreshments as you won't find shops at Playa de Ses Illetes, only a restaurant serving fresh seafood at premium prices.


    Playa de la Cantería, Lanzarote

    A volcanic stretch of coast in the north of Lanzarote

    Playa de la Cantería is a wide-open beach that’s a mix of sand, black rocks and arid shrubs. It’s a raw and peaceful beach on the north coast of the island that’s popular with naturists in Lanzarote, as well as with surfers because of the crashing waves that pound the beach.

    You won't find facilities like changing rooms, rentable sun loungers or water sports at Playa de la Cantería, which means its just you and mother nature. The sea is rough with strong currents, so it’s not recommended for swimming. The village of Orzola is a short drive away from Playa de la Cantería, where you can find some local restaurants to enjoy fantastically fresh seafood.


    photo by MoveinBlue (CC BY-SA 3.0) modified


    Cala Estreta, Catalonia

    A remote nudist beach surrounded by cliffs

    Cala Estreta is a naturist beach in the Catalonia region of Costa Brava on mainland Spain. The sand, while a little coarse, is a beautiful shade of gold. This is a remote beach that is almost exclusively visited by naturists.

    You can find Cala Estreta by taking the coastal path from Calella de Palafrugell on the way to Palamós. As there are no facilities at the beach, head into Palamos and enjoy a delicious seafood dinner after working on your all-over tan.

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