One World Trade Centre, also known as the Freedom Tower, is the tallest building in the United States and offers terrific views from the One World Observatory. The building is famous for 2 reasons. First, it is the site of the former World Trade Centre that was destroyed during the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Second, the skyscraper towers above any other building in the country. It stands at 1,776 feet and consists of a remarkable 104 floors. It is impossible to miss the building when you pass the Lower Manhattan part of New York City.

    The One World Observatory is the star attraction of the building. Every visitor wants to take the sky pod to the top. From the top of the observatory, you can view the whole city and its thousands of landmarks.

    One World Trade Centre in New York - one of the highlights of 13 Best Things to Do in New York (Read all about New York here)

    One World Trade Centre highlights

    When you take the sky pod to the One World Observatory, it will first take you to the See Forever Theatre. Here, you get to watch a brief 2-minute montage of New York City at its best. At the observatory, you get to see the whole city from one spot, but it’s not the only attraction of One World Trade Centre.

    While touring the building, you can drop by the café or one of the restaurants to grab a bite. Your tour is not complete without enjoying a glass of prosecco at the One Mix bar. From the bar, you can catch another look at the city’s horizon. The Sky Portal is an exciting spot to visit for an adventure. Look down the glass, and you will see the ground floor from the top.

    History of One World Trade Centre

    The World Trade Center’s history is one of tragedy, but more importantly of resilience. After the attack on the original World Trade Centre on September 11, 2001, the desire to rebuild it began almost immediately. It was not until 2006 that the work started. Architect David Childs, working with the firm Skidmore, Owings & Merrill,  began building on April 27, 2006. In 2012, the building became the tallest building in New York when it surpassed the Empire State Building’s record. In 2013, the final skyscraper installment was added, and One World Trade Center’s height reached 1,776 feet. On November 3, 2014, the building opened to the public.

    Good to know when visiting One World Trade Centre

    One World Trade Centre charges for access to the building, but kids younger than 5 get a free pass. The queue to get into the sky pod can be long and frustrating. With higher-priced tickets, you can quickly get access and bypass the line. There are strict rules you have to follow for a smooth tour of the Freedom Tower. Bringing food and drinks to the building is strictly forbidden, and pets are not allowed. You need to buy a ticket to visit the observatory and eat at the restaurants in the building.

    Other attractions include the National 9/11 Memorial & Museum and the World Trade Centre Memorial Foundation. Restaurants such as ONE Dine and Financier are nearby. Round out the day by booking at either the Conrad or Four Seasons Hotel.

    One World Trade Centre in New York

    Location: 285 Fulton St, New York, NY 10007, United States

    Phone: +1 844-696-1776

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