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Save on great deals and stay flexible with free cancellation

Find a place to stay

Whether you’re planning a road trip or a relaxing weekend away, why not choose from our selection of great deals that offer free cancellation*?

That way, if your plans change or something comes up, you can cancel for free.

Not interested in the free cancellation* deals featured below?

Follow these easy steps to find hundreds of thousands of hotels that offer free cancellation options.

Step 1

 Enter the relevant details for your stay to search for properties

Step 2

 Filter your search results by selecting the ‘Free cancellation’ option and choose a property

Step 3

Select a room option that offers free cancellation and remember to check the cancellation policy before you book

Terms and conditions

COVID-19 Travel Alert

Please check government advisories before booking and travelling

*Deals on participating properties only. Please click through to individual deals to confirm prices, availability, and applicable terms and conditions for these deals. Subject to full terms and conditions. Some hotels require you to cancel more than 24 hours before check-in. Details on site.