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driving a car through canada mountains

Canada's Best Road Trip Routes

We've done the work for you and mapped out Canada's greatest road trips.

From breathtaking scenic views to culinary delights and authentic cultural experiences. Canada is filled with unexpected wonders that everyone can enjoy.

Whether it's a road trip of a lifetime with your family or an exploring adventure with your friends, you'll love the eclectic mix of natural beauty and the vibrant culture that Canada has to offer.

Western Canada - Road trip across Alberta & British Columbia

Explore the national parks and untamed wilderness in Alberta and capture the amazing views of the Canadian Rockies from Vancouver Island – homeland to the aboriginal communities within British Columbia. Also, add a little zest to your trip and head to Vancouver, a cosmopolitan city that has some of the finest restaurants, entertainment and museums in the Western Provinces.

Calgary        Banff       Lake Louise       Jasper       Kamloops       Vancouver

Eastern Canada - Road trip across Quebec and Ontario

Glorious Ontario located on the east side of Canada, offers the opportunity for you to chill out in cool Toronto, be charmed by the quaintness of Quebec and experience the mutli-cultural city of Montreal. Get as close as possible to the thunderous sound of the famous Niagara Falls - you'll find they never fail to impress, and enjoy dinner in the friendly fishing villages of the Maritime Provinces.

Quebec       Montreal       Kingston       Niagara Falls       Toronto       Huntsville       Ottawa       Mont Tremblant