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Vibrant Resorts and Quiet Inns - Where to Stay in Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach’s hotels are ideal for a lively beachfront getaway or a low-key trip with the kids. Plenty of resorts will put you where the city’s seaside action is - not to mention most of the tourists. You can also find budget-friendly options along other parts of the shoreline, though. Move further inland, and you’ll find modern elegant hotels that express a subdued sensibility.

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Shopping in Virginia Beach - From Malls to Open-air Seasonal Markets

Virginia Beach mixes the liveliness of resort town shopping with the approachability of a typical American city. Stay along the coast, and you can browse the selections at a wealth of boutiques, antique stores, and surf shops. Move further inland, and you’ll have several sprawling shopping centres to choose from, each filled with familiar brands and regional specialties.

Exploring Virginia Beach - On the Land and in the Water

Fans of the surf and the turf will find plenty of enticing things to do in Virginia Beach. The lively boardwalk and beaches get a lot of the attention - and rightfully so. Still, the city’s dedication to preserving its rich history and ecosystem provide plenty of other ways to keep the fun going when you need a break from the sun and sand.

A City Guide to Virginia Beach - Enjoying a Vacation by Chesapeake Bay

Virginia Beach has been a weekend getaway destination since the first resort popped up in the late 19th century. Located at the confluence of the Atlantic Ocean and Chesapeake Bay, the city has enhanced what nature has provided by offering visitors 3 long, sandy beaches. There's also a bustling boardwalk filled with restaurants and entertainment venues to enjoy, especially in the summer.

Historic Fredericksburg Offers Nature, Unique Shopping, and Tales of Ghosts

Named for Frederick, Prince of Wales, Fredericksburg was founded in 1728, and is rife with history and Old World charm. You can explore prerevolutionary life at preserved private residences, and step onto numerous Civil War battlefields for guided tours of old monuments and skirmishes. Restaurants tend to blend upscale and international fare with live entertainment, and golf courses and nature trails abound in the surrounding area.

Fun on the Land, Fun by the Sea - Family-Friendly Virginia Beach

The Virginia Beach coastline is flexible enough for parents with kids in tow to have a getaway that’s filled with adventure and exploration or simple relaxation. From building sandcastles and splashing in the water to getting up close and personal with seafaring critters, Virginia Beach attractions offer families plenty of ways to customize their trip.

Arts and Culture in Virginia Beach - Museums to Historic Homes

The first English settlers landed in Virginia Beach on their way to Jamestown, so it’s no surprise that much the city’s arts and culture scene is devoted to exploring the past. However, Virginia Beach also makes sure its colonial days are not its sole cultural focal point. From modern art exhibits to landmarks on the coastline, the city's cultural attractions offer several options for indulging in a little sophistication.

Upscale Eats and Seafood Shacks - A Look at Virginia Beach Dining

Seafood dominates the Virginia Beach restaurant landscape, which isn’t surprising given its location. Most of the city’s dining scene is concentrated near the coastline, where you’ll find boxes of Old Bay seafood seasoning on every tabletop waiting to be sprinkled on fish, crabs, and oysters. neighbourhoods just west of the boardwalk, like Hilltop, feature casual eateries with international flair.

Travel Tips - Making the Most of Your Virginia Beach Getaway

Virginia Beach has been a regional seaside destination for over a century. Don’t let the high-rise resorts lining the city’s lively boardwalk fool you, though. This is an unpretentious town that thrives on the relaxed nature of beach life. While the boardwalk’s shoreline scene is the city’s main attraction, those who take breaks from the bustle will be rewarded with history and culture.

A Virginia travel guide – hearty feasts, historic journeys and ponies on the beach

From 18th-century cobblestone streets and stately mansions to sweeping canyon vistas of wildflowers – memorable moments unfold on a Virginia vacation. Book a Virginia hotel and revel in pleasures past and present.

A Virginia Beach travel guide – sunset strolls, oceanfront dinners and splashing with harbor seals

Whether sunning on sandy beaches, eating oysters on the Boardwalk or sharing romantic candlelit meals – a Virginia Beach vacation tickles the senses. Book a Virginia Beach hotel and indulge in its intimate pleasures.

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