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Busan Food and Dining Guide - Restaurants, where to eat, and more

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Seafood, seafood and more seafood defines the Busan dining experience. The real local delicacy is raw fish and visitors are sure to be amazed just how many ways fish can be used without ever being cooked or heated in any way.

Anywhere near the water, be it the rustic rocky shores near the lighthouse or the luxury upscale beaches, will be packed with places to dine on fresh fish, oysters and lobster. The seafood in Busan really is superb and couldn't possibly be fresher since the local fisheries pull out their catch each morning and night.

Non-seafood fans need not worry, though. Busan is an international city and there are ample places to eat steak, Japanese, Thai, Indian and pretty much any other kind of cuisine that appeals. Cutting-edge new restaurants with fusion menus are increasingly all the rage.


A must-stop on a visit to Busan, this massive fish market has its own metro station and operates on two massive floors. On ground level, fresh catches of every kind of sea creature imaginable are on display while upstairs, diners can have their personal selection cooked to order.


The neon-decked extravaganza of downtown Busan houses thousands of restaurants of every kind. International fast food chains, American steakhouses, sushi train outfits and everything in between is located here. Guidebooks or websites are the best way to find out the hottest place of the moment, as the choice is vast.


Seomyeon may be the business center of Busan but that means that it is home to most of the city's deluxe five-star hotels. Inside these palaces are some of the city's most luxurious fine dining restaurants and chefs from all over the world have been flown in to create sumptuous menus.

Busan restaurants

Tong Yong Chung Muhwitchip
Inside the Jagalchi Fish Market
Phone: +82 51 245 8563
There are innumerable choices at the Jagalchi Fish Market but the Tong Yong Chung Muhwitchip seems to be the one that draws the biggest crowds. Inexpensive, fresh seafood with no frills is served and on top of that, the entire place is managed by a friendly elderly couple who have been in charge for decades.

Nampo-dong Food Vendor Alley
Nampo-dong main street
Plastic stools either side of a several-hundred meter long table mark this excellent and incredibly cheap outdoor dining market that is busy for lunch and dinner. The old ladies that run between the kitchens and the table have boundless energy and seem to be able to keep track of every single person's food and drink bill without ever touching pen to paper. 

Deep Sea Raw Fish Restaurant
Millak Tower, Busan Metropolitan City
Phone: +82 51 753 6868
Try the Busan specialty of raw fish here, on the first floor of a landmark local building. Soups, salads and even deserts all feature various ways of preparing fish without cooking or heating it in any way. 

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