Antalya is home to a variety of fun beaches to explore, and that should be no surprise since the city is located along the Turkish Riviera. This summer resort town has worked hard to make sure its beaches are some of the best in the country, so you won't have to look far to find unforgettable fun in the sun.

    The sheer variety of experiences found among the beaches ensures you'll find plenty to enjoy whether you want to relax, find thrills or get close to historic ruins. Check out some of the best beaches in Antalya you won't want to miss out on.


    Konyaaltı Beach (Konyaaltı Plaji)

    One of Antalya's main beaches

    • Food
    • Families
    • Nightlife

    Konyaaltı Beach (Konyaaltı Plaji) is a stunning beach on the western edge of the city where you'll find soft sands, activities and a mountainous backdrop. As one of the city's main beaches, it can get quite busy during the high season, so plan your trip accordingly.

    While the sand and surf are plenty satisfying here, you'll also find a beach park and water park in the area in addition to cafes and bars. The beach is protected by lifeguards, so you can find fun here with peace of mind. It's located just a few miles west of the city centre.

    Location: Meltem Mh., 07030 Muratpaşa/Konyaaltı/Antalya, Türkiye

    Phone: +90 543 744 05 36


    Moonlight Beach

    Visit a park and relaxation area

    • Families
    • Couples

    Moonlight Beach is a welcoming beach that's part of the larger Moonlight Park area, which boasts stunning green spaces and soft sands in a singular location. While the waters of Moonlight Beach are suitable for the whole family to swim, you'll find a public pool in the park as well.

    The park area at this beach is well-maintained and designed for kids and adults alike to enjoy. Plenty of sun loungers are available, so it's easy to relax. Given the size of the beach, it's easy to get away from crowds as well. You'll find it all in Kemer, a few miles south of the city cenre.

    Location: Merkez, Moon Light Parkı, 07990 Kemer/Antalya, Türkiye


    Mermerli Beach (Mermerli Plajı)

    Explore an Old City beach

    • Couples

    Mermerli Beach (Mermerli Plajı) in Old City is relatively small but has inviting waters and a beach space packed with umbrellas and sunbeds. Keep in mind that this is a paid beach, so you'll have to cover the entrance fee before you can explore everything it has to offer.

    This beach primarily caters to travellers who are looking for a relaxing experience. When you lay in a sunbed here, you can have servers bring you drinks and snacks. The water itself is calm and safe for swimming. You'll find it all tucked away in a cove south of the city centre.


    Sarısu Kadınlar Plajı

    This beach is just for the ladies

    • Families

    Sarısu Kadınlar Plajı is a women-only beach where you'll find soft sands, gentle waters and convenient facilities to make your visit easy and satisfying. There's a small entry fee for this beach, but once you're in, you can relax and take in the picturesque scenery by the water.

    In addition to the beach itself, this attraction also features a playground for kids and several shops. There's even a spa area if you're looking to take your relaxation to the next level. Just remember that this is a women-only space with security that is happy to remind you. It's located a few miles southwest of the city centre.

    Location: Liman, 07130 Konyaaltı/Antalya, Türkiye



    Set sail on sparkling green waters

    • Families
    • Couples
    • Adventure

    Evrenseki is a lovely and alluring beach that's relaxing and popular, though certain parts of it are restricted to hotel guests. When you visit this beach, you'll find opportunities for a variety of experiences whether you're alone, with your partner or with the whole family.

    Several opportunities for adventures are available at this beach, including water scooters and catamarans, and it's all supervised by a lifeguard during the high season. The beach is located several miles east of Antalya's city centre.

    Location: Ilıca, 07600 Manavgat/Antalya, Türkiye

    Open: Daily from 9 am to 11 pm


    Cirali Beach (Çıralı Plaji)

    Relax on a laid-back natural beach

    • Families
    • Couples
    • History

    Cirali Beach (Çıralı Plaji) is an isolated, historic natural beach that's the perfect destination for travellers looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of the more populated areas. The beach itself is calm and serene, offering paradisiacal conditions the whole family can enjoy.

    When you visit this beach, you can relax by the shore or take a dip in the water. The waves are calm enough for kids to enjoy a swim as well. Additionally, you'll find some historic sites around this beach, as it was part of the Lycian Empire during the Hellenistic period. It's located several miles south of Antalya proper, past Kemer.

    Location: Ulupınar, 07982 Kemer/Antalya, Türkiye



    An old beach by ancient ruins

    • Families
    • History

    Phaselis is a welcoming beach that's relaxing enough while also putting you close to some fascinating ancient ruins of times long past. When you visit, you'll find remnants from the ancient city of the same name that thrived 2,000 years ago during the reign of the Roman Empire.

    A lot of the ruins in the area are well-preserved, including the remains of an aqueduct and a theatre. Much can be seen from the beach itself, so you don't even have to explore that much to see everything it has on offer. You'll find it all several miles south of Antalya, past Kemer.

    Location: Tekirova, 07995 Kemer/Antalya, Türkiye


    Lara Beach (Lara Plajı)

    Dark sands and gentle waves

    Lara Beach (Lara Plajı) is a popular spot in town where you can enjoy a traditional beach experience with soft sands and inviting waters. Much of the beach's 6-mile length consists of space for beach chairs and sun umbrellas, but you'll also find snacks and drinks available.

    While this beach does have a lot of services available, you'll find vacant areas as well if you have your own gear or just want to enjoy the open sand and sea. The beach itself is a few miles to the east of the city centre on the south side of Kemeragzi.

    Location: Antalya, Türkiye


    İnciraltı Plajı Falezler

    A cliffside beach, sans sand

    • Families
    • Couples
    • Unusual

    İnciraltı Plajı Falezler is a unique kind of beach without any sandy shores, as it consists of wooden platforms among cliffs that lead directly to the water. The rocky cliffs offer stunning views from the wooden platforms, which subsequently contain lounge chairs and sunbeds.

    You can get to the water from the stairs built into the seaside or the lift that takes you straight to the bottom. The water is magnificent with blue-flagged sea quality showcasing some of the best of the Mediterranean. You can experience it for yourself just a short distance south of the city centre.

    Location: Şirinyalı, Lara Cd. No:90, 07160 Muratpaşa/Antalya, Türkiye


    Zuğa Beach

    Beach clubs take relaxation to a new level

    • Nightlife
    • Couples

    Zuğa Beach is known primarily for its beach clubs, meaning it's easy to feel pampered and relaxed when you visit the shore here. Several beach clubs can put you close to the water while also offering services for drinks and food in comfortable settings.

    The beach itself is quite inviting with soft sands and relatively calm waters that are good for a swim provided you stay within the designated swimming areas. You can get to this beach easily enough as well, as it's just a few miles to the west of Antalya's town centre.

    Location: Güzeloba, Zuğa Beach Lara 3 Nolu Plaj, 07230 Muratpaşa/Antalya, Türkiye

    Open: Daily from 9 am to 6.30 pm


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