Shirahama is a resort town in Wakayama prefecture on Japan’s southern coast, offering hot springs, quartz sand beaches, iconic natural formations, amusement parks, animal encounters and adventure galore. Famous natural rock formations include the arch on Engetsuto Island, the tatami-mat-like rock formation of Senjojiki, and the iconic Sandanbeki cliffs that line the rugged coast. Shirahama Beach provides strong waves that surfers love, a mellow vibe and great seafood restaurants lining the shore.

For family activities, the Adventure World amusement park has rides, a roller coaster, games, food and fun, as well as animal exhibits that kids will love, including the rare giant pandas. Another theme park with a science theme is Shirahama Energy Land, a place for rides, games and educational fun. The Safari World zoo allows you to get up close to exotic animals of many species. If you’re taking a couple’s holiday, the Saki-no-Yu Onsen Spa has open-air baths, hot springs and spectacularly romantic ocean views.

What to see & do in Shirahama

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Things to do in Shirahama include relaxing in hot springs, enjoying local resorts, taking in natural wonders, heading to amusement parks, and finding plenty of outdoor adventures with spectacular vistas and photo opportunities. The city is famed for its hot springs, including Shirahama Onsen Resort, where you can bathe in mineral waters or be buried in the sand or mud from the springs. For family fun and adventure, Adventure World...

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Where & what to eat in Shirahama

Shirahama food and dining involves a great deal of seafood and plenty of local delicacies that thrill foodies from all over the world. At the Tore Tore Ichiba Market, you’ll find prepared foods, souvenirs, unique sauces and fresh seafood and produce, among other delights, including local sake. Local restaurants incorporate locally sourced and seasonal ingredients. Casual Izakaya eateries offer tapas-style plates with drinks. Some popular options are Izakaya Uhachi and...

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Where to shop & what to buy in Shirahama

  • 7 Best Places to Go Shopping in Shirahama

    Shirahama’s shopping scene is influenced by its famed fishing history. When you're out shopping, keep your eyes peeled for souvenirs, ingredients you can cook or barbecue at your accommodation, bento lunchboxes to take with you when swimming or for a picnic, dinner-time drinks, fresh seafood, sashimi, side dishes, and delicious seafood rice bowls. From popular tourist markets to locally owned supermarkets,...

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Where to go & what to do at night in Shirahama

  • 10 Best Things to Do After Dinner in Shirahama

    There's no shortage of ways to spend an evening in Shirahama, from taking in the beautiful sunsets to attending performances by local artists or visiting bars and restaurants. Try special dishes, enjoy the tropical atmosphere of the beaches, have a conversation with the locals, or simply spend a quiet evening in beautiful surroundings. The choice is yours. Let's explore some of...

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  • Shirahama Travel Essentials

    Our Shirahama travel essentials guide includes all the essential information you’ll need to make your holiday in this Japanese city one to remember fondly for years to come. First, we will examine the best times to visit, including rainfall, climate and the hottest months of the year. Then we’ll examine the basics of things like electrical outlets, emergency calls and...

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