Barbados is a popular destination for couples who want a romantic Caribbean getaway that includes a variety of unforgettable things to do. Going to the beach is a common rewarding experience, but that's just the beginning of what Barbados has to offer those on romantic holidays.

    When you visit Barbados, you'll find delicious food, a thriving nightlife, and plenty of outdoor activities by the shore and farther inland to cater to just about any kind of experience you and your partner could possibly want. Check out the 10 best things to do for couples in Barbados.


    Hunte’s Gardens

    Explore lush flora

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    Hunte’s Gardens is one of the most peaceful places on the island and home to a vibrant array of trees, flowers, and foliage in a stunning and well-kept garden. Several pathways are available to guide you through this garden, and you'll find yourself surrounded by majestic greenery and colourful flowers sporting pink and orange hues.

    The meandering pathways here are designed to emphasise nature's beauty with something breathtaking around every corner. Many local birds and animals are also drawn to the vibrant aesthetic here, so you may run into some of the local fauna as well. You'll find this garden on the east side of the island in Saint Joseph.

    Location: Hwy 3A, Coffee Gully, Barbados

    Open: Daily from 9 am to 5 pm

    Phone: +1 246-433-3333


    photo by Alex Dixon (CC BY-SA 2.0) modified


    Carlisle Bay

    Go swimming in the bay

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    Carlisle Bay is the perfect destination for couples looking for fun by the water, as you'll find opportunities to explore underneath the waves in addition to swimming. There are 6 shipwrecks throughout the bay, and you can see them all just by snorkelling in the area. While snorkelling, you'll also be able to spot marine animals like fish, turtles, and rock lobsters.

    The bay isn't just used for snorkelling, however, as the shore has plenty to offer those looking for adventure and relaxation. You can go horseback riding on the beach, or you can set up a lounge chair and take it easy. You'll find this bay in southern Bridgetown.


    photo by P. Hughes (CC0 1.0) modified


    St. Lawrence Gap

    Take part in the local nightlife

    St. Lawrence Gap is the premier destination for nightlife activities in Barbados and lets you enjoy stunning restaurants, bars, and nightclubs catering to all tastes. The nightclubs specifically are more varied than you might expect, playing a range of music from popular genres such as R&B, reggae, and calypso.

    Restaurants in this area tend to be open late, especially if they have a bar. Talented mixologists work the bars here, so you'll find a variety of cocktails available. Given the nature of Barbados, however, don't be surprised that the most common ingredient is rum. You'll find St. Lawrence Gap in Christ Church, a few miles southeast of Bridgetown.


    photo by Mtaylor848 (CC BY-SA 4.0) modified


    Animal Flower Cave & Restaurant

    See geological wonders

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    Animal Flower Cave & Restaurant is the only accessible sea cave on the island, and also happens to be located right next to a delicious restaurant with picturesque views. The cave itself is quite impressive, featuring rock pools that you may even be able to swim in depending on the weather.

    When you're looking for a bite to eat, you won't have to go far, as the restaurant is within walking distance of the cave itself. While the food is delicious, of course, the star of the show is the view from the restaurant that lets you take in the waters and horizon. You'll find it all on the northernmost point of the island.

    Location: North Point, Conneltown, Barbados

    Phone: +1 246-439-8797


    The Boatyard Club

    Find waterfront adventure

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    The Boatyard Club lets you enjoy adventure by the beach with plenty of adrenaline-pumping activities and an on-site restaurant that keeps you and your partner fed. Rope swinging is particularly popular here, but you'll also find the iceberg climb, which is a climbing challenge set up on floating obstacles.

    You can enjoy a more relaxing experience here if you prefer, such as banana boat rides and glass-bottom boat tours. Additionally, the local restaurant keeps you well-fed and hydrated in between your adventurous excursions. You can find this club in Bridgetown by Brownes Beach.

    Location: Bridgetown, Barbados

    Open: Monday–Saturday from 9 am to 7 pm, Sunday from 9 am to 4 pm

    Phone: +1 246-826-4448


    photo by Bas Leenders (CC BY-SA 2.0) modified


    Limegrove Cinema

    Catch a film

    Limegrove Cinema is an iconic cinema where you and your partner can watch the latest releases alongside beloved classics and enjoy a delicious menu, too. Every Wednesday, the theatre releases a new film schedule that includes new blockbuster hits and critically acclaimed cult favourites.

    On the menu at this theatre, you'll find quite a few options you may not expect, like spring rolls, burgers, and pizza, and it's all made to order. Additionally, you'll find beer, wine, and champagne. You can experience it all for yourself on the west side of the island in Holetown.

    Location: Limegrove Lifestyle Centre, Second St, Holetown, Barbados

    Phone: +1 246-271-0071



    Stroll through a quaint fishing village

    Oistins is a fishing and market village that's the smallest community on the island, but you'll find it packed full of charm and things to do. Fishing is obviously one of the most popular pastimes here, and visitors can get in on the action, too. The shopping complex here is also a great option for couples.

    Another popular activity here is the Oistins Fish Fry, which happens every Friday night by the fish market. There, you'll find plenty of food on offer with live music. You can get to Oistins by heading towards the southern shore of the island.


    Catamaran sunset cruise

    Cruise the coast at sundown

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    A catamaran sunset cruise offers a relaxing trip that takes you and your partner along the western coast of the island, often with an opportunity for snorkelling as well. Some cruises stop over a shipwreck, so you can see it all along with sea turtles in the area.

    Most sunset cruises offer drinks, including wine, and many can include dinner as well. Some also feature entertainment on the cruise, making for a full evening of fun and romance with your special someone.


    Mount Gay Rum Distillery

    Visit one of the world's oldest rum distilleries

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    Mount Gay Rum Distillery is a centuries-old distillery with a rich history and unprecedented craftsmanship for you to explore amongst the picturesque green garden surroundings. The rum here is known as "the rum that invented rum" since much of the entire practice of rum-making originated from this 1703 distillery.

    When you visit, you can take a tour of the operation and see how traditional methods are still used to make this favoured spirit. The lush gardens surrounding the distillery offer an ideal spot to relax with a traditional Bajan lunch and a cocktail. You'll find it all in the northern parish on Mount Gay.

    Location: 79RP+WP2, Mount Gay, Barbados

    Phone: +1 246-227-8864


    photo by anax44 (CC BY-SA 2.0) modified


    Miami Beach, Barbados

    Enjoy fun in the sun

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    Miami Beach, Barbados, also known as Enterprise Beach, is a fun destination where you and your partner can relax on the sands or find adventure in the water. Plenty of tables and chairs are available if you're looking to relax, but the cove on the north side also has waters calm enough for swimming.

    If you're looking for action, head to the south side of the beach for some intense surfing waves. Lifeguards are on duty throughout the entire beach, so you can always venture out with peace of mind. You'll find this beach on the southern coast, about 2 minutes away from Oistins.


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