Portugal draws travellers with a mix of natural beauty and World Heritage sites. Its rugged, mountainous countryside and forested hills are dotted with Moorish castles and historical cities built around granite boulders. Down along the coastline, you’ll find vibrant marine habitats, as well as stunning surfing beaches like the Algarve, with its swathes of golden dunes, amazing rock formations, and rock pools. 

Portugal’s great cities like Lisbon and Porto welcome you with memorable sightseeing, be it down charming cobbled streets or through labyrinthine seaport waterways. Enjoy culinary adventures around 18th-century arcades and past mosaic squares in front of towering cathedrals. When night falls, be sure to head up to a popular hilltop district for hip partying. With its alluringly eclectic mix of experiences and attractions, Portugal ranks high on many bucket lists.

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  • Lagos

    Lagos is an idyllic seaside town on the southwestern coast of Portugal that’s big on coastal beauty. Right on its doorstep are golden stretches of sand with rugged limestone cliffs, which meet the light and deep-blue shades of the Atlantic. But a visit to this town is not just for beach lovers looking for a scenic escape, as the Old...

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