Scotland is in the rugged north of Britain, famed for its dramatic scenery of misty mountains, vast glens, and ornate gothic architecture. The capital city, Edinburgh, is particularly beautiful with a cityscape so stylish it looks like a movie set. Head up the ancient Royal Mile and feel a part of Scotland’s long history. For adventure seekers, Scotland is an epic playground. The Cairngorms mountain range offers climbing, hiking and even skiing, while the 790 islands around the coast are rich with wildlife and secluded beaches. If you’re a golf fan, head to the pretty town of St. Andrew’s to play a round on the world’s first course.

Scots are a typically a loud and sociable bunch, with a Celtic culture all their own. When visiting Scotland, you should embrace the unique elements that makes it so interesting and fun: the sound of bagpipes, the taste of haggis, and as much whisky as your temperament will allow.

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  • Scottish Borders

    The Scottish Borders region is a picturesque combination of breathtaking natural features and historic abbeys, homes and castles, melding natural beauty with historic charm. The rolling hills of the countryside offer vibrant green landscapes that are filled with hiking and biking trails, making it easy to explore the natural splendour. Travellers looking for more thrilling adventures among the countryside will...

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