Gothenburg is a real treasure trove of trendy fashion, unique vintage finds, gorgeous home decorations and expensive antiques. You'll find no shortage of fantastic shopping spots no matter whether you prefer everything under one roof or dashing from store to store along a bustling shopping street.

    As Sweden's second city, Gothenburg is home to many classic department stores, modern galleries and charming independent boutiques. So seize the opportunity to give your wardrobe a refresh, spruce up your home, or find that elusive collector's object you've been searching for.


    Avenyn boulevard

    Treat yourself to a spot of shopping on the city's main boulevard

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    Avenyn boulevard in Gothenburg is a sprawling street with plenty to offer, from antiques and decor to flowers and wool. Formally known as Kingsgate Avenue (Kungsportsavenyen) but almost universally referred to simply as Avenyn, the boulevard stretches from the bridge at Vallgraven through to Götaplatsen square and takes about 15 minutes to reach on foot from Central Station.

    Come on down and refresh your wardrobe with designer brand clothing or high street chains, leaf through design and art books in some of the museum shops or charge up on high-end coffee. And don't forget the side streets which are packed with charming independent stores that you won't want to miss.

    Location: Kungsportsavenyen, Lorensberg, Gothenburg, Sweden


    Trendy stores on Magasinsgatan

    Shop till you drop in the city's trendiest neighbourhood

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    Magasinsgatan is a street that's teeming with fashion boutiques, interior design stores and vintage spots which primarily stock local and Swedish brands. It is located in the inner city between Little Square (Lilla Torget) and Vasastan, about a 15 minute walk from Central Station.

    Pick up some new gadgets for your kitchen or fall in love with a unique Scandi sweater to bring back home. Discover well-known brands and speciality stores with a maritime theme, independent footwear and instruments of all shapes and sizes. It is quite easy to spend an entire day on this street picking up bag after bag!

    Location: Magasinsgatan, Gothenburg, Sweden


    photo by Historiker (CC BY-SA 3.0) modified


    Victoria Passage (Victoriapassagen)

    Discover charming boutiques and inspiring products

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    Victoria Passage (Victoriapassagen) is an elegant shopping arcade packed with charming shops and speciality boutiques, and a nice refuge from the hustle and bustle outside. The passage stretches between the streets of Södra Larmgatan and Vallgatan, and is located just a short 15 minute walk away from Central Station.

    Try on clothes, sample chocolates, pick out some new jewellery and draw inspiration from unique designs. Be sure to also swing by the florist's and check out their gorgeous arrangements. The arcade was once a market hall and boasts many well-preserved features from its history, making it one of the most elegant shopping spots in Gothenburg.

    Location: Vallgatan 19, 411 16 Gothenburg, Sweden

    Open: Monday–Friday 10 am to 6 pm, Saturday 10 am to 4 pm

    Phone: +46 922 388 78


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    Explore shops with a focus on fashion and design

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    Arkaden is a centrally located shopping mall with around twenty shops spread over three floors. Entrances are located on several streets around the city centre, just a few minutes away from Central Station. Treat yourself to a day of shopping and lose yourself among timeless pieces and the latest trends within Scandinavian design, as well as big brand garments at outlet prices.

    You'll also find vintage and second-hand stores and everything you could ever need for your face, eyes, lips and nails. There's even a phone repair shop should the need arise!

    Location: Fredsgatan 1, 411 07 Gothenburg, Sweden

    Open: Monday–Friday 10 am to 8 pm, Saturday 10 am to 6 pm, Sunday 11 am to 5 pm

    Phone: +46 31 743 42 00


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    Frölunda Torg

    Choose between popular chains and small design stores

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    Frölunda Torg is a shopping centre boasting more than 200 stores where you'll find everything from beauty and fashion to sports and technology. The shopping centre is located in the district of Västra Frölunda which is easily reached from the centre of Gothenburg along tramlines 1, 7 or 8. The journey takes just less than half an hour.

    At Frölunda Torg, you'll find both killer bargains and luxury goods whether you're shopping for a man, woman or child. In addition to the well-known brands, you'll also find speciality stores, banks, a cobbler's and a gym – among many other shops as well. If you want to come down by car, there is free parking for up to 3 hours in the centre's large car park.

    Location: Frölunda torg, 421 42 Västra Frölunda, Sweden

    Open: Monday–Friday 10 am to 8 pm, Saturday 10 am to 6 pm, Sunday 11 am to 6 pm

    Phone: +46 31 734 35 60


    photo by Albin Olsson (CC BY-SA 3.0) modified



    Treat yourself to a shopping spree in one of Gothenburg's oldest quarters

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    The shopping in Haga is rather eclectic, but what all of the stores have in common is their small-scale and unique personality. Haga is located within walking distance from the inner city, just over a mile away from Central Station. Take the tram and get off either at Hagakyrkan or Järntorget.

    This charming little neighbourhood offers everything from clothing and home decor through to antiques, tea and spices. You'll also find some local handicrafts, books, paintings and marzipan. If you come in the spring or autumn there is also a farmer's market selling a broad array of fresh, local produce.

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    Check out small stores in a laid-back and leafy neighbourhood

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    The charming district of Linnéstaden is teeming with cute little stores offering everything from fashion and health products to beauty and interior design items. Linnéstaden is located about 2.5 miles away from Central Station and is serviced by tram lines 9 and 11.

    Here you will be free to rummage around vintage boutiques, pick up some local handicrafts or bag a bargain on some new clothes, shoes or home decorations. The street of Linnégatan may well be the main stretch in this part of town, but be sure to check out the side streets as well.


    Antique Halls (Antikhallarna)

    Discover the largest antique and collectors' market in Scandinavia

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    The Antique Halls (Antikhallarna) are home to around a dozen stores selling several thousand unique antiques and collectors' objects such as furnishings, porcelain, old coins and art. The Antique Halls are located around half a mile away from Central Station with an entrance on the corner of Västra Hamngatan and Drottninggatan.

    Immerse yourself in its many historic and fascinating objects and pick up some utterly unique stamps, cutlery and lamps. Or simply stroll around and admire the gorgeous antique vases and precious articles from China. Just take care to move with caution – an accidental breakage could make your visit here a costly experience!

    Location: Västra Hamngatan 6, 411 17 Gothenburg, Sweden

    Open: Monday–Friday 10 am to 6 pm, Saturday 10 am to 4 pm

    Phone: +46 31 774 15 25


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    Shop till you drop among high street stores in Scandinavia's leading mall

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    With around 200 stores within fashion and accessories, health and beauty, home and decor and much, much more, you'll have zero problem spending an entire day at Nordstan. The shopping centre is located in central Gothenburg, just a few minutes' walk from the Central Station.

    Fill your boots with trendy clothes, beautiful jewellery and gorgeous home decorations. Discover the latest tech gadgets on the high street and pick up some luxurious beauty products for the bathroom cabinet. And if you're having trouble putting your wardrobe together, you can always take some help from Nordstan's team of personal shoppers.

    Location: Götgatan 10, 411 05 Gothenburg, Sweden

    Open: Monday–Friday 10 am to 8 pm, Saturday–Sunday 10 am to 6 pm

    Phone: +46 31 700 86 00


    photo by Tony Webster (CC BY 2.0) modified



    Indulge in a world of luxury shopping and extraordinary service

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    The classic NK department store in Gothenburg is a repository of experience and expertise in all things fashion and beauty. The exclusive department store is located in central Gothenburg, just a 10 minute walk from Central Station. Boasting a whole 45 different departments, you'll find everything from sports equipment, luggage, footcare and a hair salon through to manicures, kitchen accessories, make-up and plenty more.

    Get some professional assistance with your make-up before a big night out or let a tailor take your measurements for a custom suit. And of course there are also personal shoppers at your service to help you find the perfect outfit.

    Location: Östra Hamngatan 42, 411 09 Gothenburg, Sweden

    Open: Monday–Friday 10 am to 7 pm, Saturday 10 am to 6 pm, Sunday 11 am to 4 pm


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