Sweden is the largest of the Nordic nations, and combines the beautiful nature of the region with a unique and remarkable culture. While much of the country consists of deep forests and deeper lakes, often shrouded in snow during the long winters, the few big cities are alive with a famous pop music scene and a surprising amount of glitz and glamour. The Swedish people, while proud of their Viking heritage, are famously friendly and welcoming.

The transport system of Sweden is especially impressive – it has to be to get people around such a big country and around a capital city spread across 14 islands. It means you can go from cosmopolitan Stockholm to the ski slopes of Åre or the Swedish folk culture capital of Siljansbygden quickly and easily. With remarkably well-preserved history, nature and culture, it’s a fascinating country to explore.

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  • Gotland County

    Gotland is a picturesque island along the country’s east coast where travellers can enjoy immersive Viking-era historical structures alongside breathtaking and vibrant natural splendour. History lovers will especially enjoy the town of Visby, the main town on the island. It’s a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site known for its well-preserved historical buildings that may make you feel as if you’ve...

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