Goseong is a beautiful county in South Korea with lots of great activities, from interesting museums and rock formations to national parks. You can enjoy a hot springs experience and take the kids to vibrant waterparks. Make sure to spend some time learning about the history of the Korean War at the DMZ Museum. You can relax on pristine beaches or hike to vantage points for panoramic views of Goseong. 

The county hosts a famous lavender festival every June that features concerts, perfume samples, and various workshops. Another highlight for both children and adults is the Goseong Dinosaur Museum, which displays rare fossils, including the skeleton of a T-Rex.

What to see & do in Goseong

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Things to do in Goseong include outdoor adventures and indoor water parks, observation towers and endless sprawling beaches, history, museums and a world of ancient culture. You can rock climb to the top of Ulsanbawi for astonishing panoramic views of the thick forest canopy and mountains in every direction. Explore luxurious villas surrounding the lagoon at Hwajinpo. Climb the Goseong Unification Observatory tower and explore mountain climbing history at the...

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Where & what to eat in Goseong

Food and dining in Goseong includes a wide range of delicious dishes and delicacies, from black pork to porridge, spicy soups and many others to delight your palate. Black pork, often cooked on a barbecue, is a native pig breed of this island and has a unique flavour all its own. Abalone porridge is another speciality dish with a chewy texture and spicy taste. Buckwheat noodle soup with pheasant, called...

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Where to shop & what to buy in Goseong

  • 5 Best Places to Go Shopping in Goseong

    The best places to go shopping in Goseong are laidback venues with a local vibe. This rural county on South Korea's east coast boasts sandy beaches, peaceful lakes and fields of wildflowers. Travellers come here to enjoy its beautiful scenery and unspoiled nature, so you won't find many sprawling shopping malls. That said, Goseong’s markets, flower farms, and historical sites can...

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Where to go & what to do at night in Goseong

  • 6 Best Things to Do After Dinner in Goseong

    The best things to do after dinner in Goseong include leisurely sunset beach strolls, soaking up ocean views from elevated viewpoints, and chilling at late-night cafés. You can also explore charming fishing harbours with picturesque lighthouses and show off your singing skills at a local karaoke bar. Goseong may not be as flashy as other South Korean regions, but the fun...

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  • Goseong Travel Essentials

    Our Goseong travel essentials offer a complete guide to what you need to know for a fantastic holiday in this South Korean county full of culture and history. We’ll look at what kind of electrical outlets they use, what the currency is and how to call for emergency help if you need it. We will also examine Goseong's climate, look...

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