Food and dining in Goseong includes a wide range of delicious dishes and delicacies, from black pork to porridge, spicy soups and many others to delight your palate. Black pork, often cooked on a barbecue, is a native pig breed of this island and has a unique flavour all its own. Abalone porridge is another speciality dish with a chewy texture and spicy taste. Buckwheat noodle soup with pheasant, called Kkwong Memil Kalguksu, is also a popular local dish, as is spicy beef soup with bracken, called Gosari Yukgaejang.

Just a few popular restaurants that serve up these and other local dishes include Baekchon Mak Guksoo and Jaennori, both in Gangwon-do. For buckwheat soup, check out Baek Village Buckwheat Noodles, and for classic sashimi, you can head for Couple Sashimi Restaurant.

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