Our Goseong travel essentials offer a complete guide to what you need to know for a fantastic holiday in this South Korean county full of culture and history. We’ll look at what kind of electrical outlets they use, what the currency is and how to call for emergency help if you need it. We will also examine Goseong's climate, look at the best time to visit and talk about modes of transportation for getting to and around the region.

Naturally, we’ll also check out some popular sights to see and great festivals and celebrations held here. Finally, we’ll explore some fun day trips.

  • What are the main towns and villages around Goseong?

    What are the main towns and villages around Goseong?

    Geojin-eup (거진읍)

    Geojin-eup is a town in Goseong offering historic and spiritual sites, outdoor adventures and a family-friendly walking bridge over a river. You can visit places like Eungbong or Hwajinpo, where you'll escape the hustle and bustle, enjoy serene natural locales, or see the traditional Buddhist temple at Geonbognsa. Plan to see the beach at Geojin Sipilli haesuyokjang. The Baeg-Amdo nature walk offers scenic photo opportunities over Lake Yeongrang.

    Ganseong-eup (간성읍)

    Ganseong-eup is a largely residential area with few attractions but does offer an excellent spot to escape from the hustle and bustle and view authentic culture with shopping and dining. One of the biggest attractions is the village’s main street, Ganseong-ro, which is lined with plenty of independent stores and restaurants. You will find specialty food stores. Prepared foods at places like local bakeries offer the chance to sample delicacies, and tons of options for clothes, electronics, flowers and electronics.

    Hyeonnae-myeon (현내면)

    Hyeonnae-myeon is an outstanding spot to base your explorations of the surrounding region. Within a few hours’ drive, you are able to explore exhibits, museums and monuments related to the establishment and history of the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ). Plan to head for eco-tourist islands, visit a tranquil lake or travel to elegant spiritual sites with stunning statuary and architecture. You’ll find beaches and mountain views, and experience cascading waterfalls above serene lagoons.

    Toseong-myeon (토성면)

    Toseong-myeon offers many exciting family adventures to make holiday memories that will last a lifetime, including beaches, ports and parks. You can capture amazing photos at Seorak-san National Park and visit the ancient Zen Buddhist Sinhuengsa Temple. Plan to also take a quiet walk on the pebble-strewn shores of Sokcho Beach. Ride, slide and splash at Seorak Waterpia, look over the serene blue ocean waters at Naksan Beach or explore the Dongmyeong Port waterfront.

  • When is the best time to travel to Goseong?

    When is the best time to travel to Goseong?
    • Goseong's climate features hot, wet and muggy summers with cold, windy and dry winters.
    • The most rainfall can be seen in July, where many days can average 10 cm or more of rain.
    • The warmest months of the year are June through September. In August, the average temperature is around 30° C.
    • The best time to visit is June, with warm but tolerable temperatures, low to average rainfall, and plenty of things to do.
  • Goseong basics

    Goseong basics
    • The Plug type is Socket C and F, which is compatible with type E.
    • Electricity and current are 220 V with a 60 Hz standard frequency.
    • The currency is the South Korean won.
    • The International Dial Code is +82.
    • For emergency telephone calls, call 112.
  • How to get to my hotel in Goseong?

    How to get to my hotel in Goseong?

    There are several ways to get to places in Goseong. Many people drive here, but taxi and bus services run to and from places like Seoul and Geoje. The best way to reach your destination depends on where in the county you are headed and where you are coming from.


    The nearest airport to Geoseong is Sacheon Airport, about 26 km away. It serves the city of Jinju and is unusual because the airport has both civilian and military flights. You can only fly direct into Sacheon from Jeju or Seoul-Gimpo.

    Major train stations

    No major train stations serve Geoseong directly. The most direct route to get to Geoseong by train is to travel to Seoul Station and then take a taxi or drive into Geoseong, a journey that takes a couple of hours, heading south.


    The major sea ports serving Goseong include Goseong Port, Samcheonpo Port and the Port of Tongyeong. Most ports primarily serve commercial purposes, but occasional passenger vessels depart for offshore islands and other seafaring destinations.

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  • How to get around Goseong?

    How to get around Goseong?

    Travel tips

    Korea offers many reliable ways for people to travel around, and with so many potential road trips, the freedom to transport oneself is popular. Goseong is a county encompassing several cities, towns and villages. As such, there is no unified method of public transportation; each city and town will have their own infrastructure. Most visitors to Goseong drive themselves or take a taxicab to get from one place to the next.

    Taxi and rideshare apps

    Korea has several taxi classifications, and most cities and towns have access to at least one. Standard taxis are orange, though major cities may have silver ones. Electric taxis are blue. Coop taxis are operated by a private network and are yellow. Deluxe taxis are black and gold and can be rather pricey but promise a higher level of service. Finally, jumbo taxis are vans that can hold up to 10 passengers.

    Bus network

    City buses are among the most convenient, reliable means of transportation in major Korean cities, and many services travel between towns. If the city in which you’re staying has a bus service, you may be able to get a daily or weekly transport card offering unlimited rides. If so, cards are an economical way to get around. Transport cards, however, may not work for travel between towns and villages. Check for service in the city or village you are visiting.

    Car Hire

    Car hire is highly recommended as a good way to get around South Korea and Goseong specifically. A car hire allows you to have the freedom to go anywhere you like whenever you like. Be careful about driving long distances at night and travelling with others. Still, you can book a car in advance (recommended to get the best price) and usually pick it up at the airport or train station when you reach your destination.

    Bicycle Hire

    Bicycle hire may or may not be available. These depend on your specific destination in Goseong County. Some cities and towns have well-established cycle hire services, and you can hire a bike to hit the trails in national parks or participate in bicycle share programmes for point-to-point travel within a city or town. Check with your local hotel to find out if bicycle hire is available in the area.

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  • What are the main annual events in Goseong?

    What are the main annual events in Goseong?

    Goseong Myeongtae Festival

    • When: Held every October
    • What: Goseong Myeongtae Festival celebrates the unique marine culture of the region, focused on local pollock fishing, with rituals for the safety of fishermen, sales of dried fish and a general party atmosphere.
    • Where: Geojin Port

    Goseong Sunrise Festival

    • When: Held every New Year’s Day
    • What: This festival is all about welcoming the moment of sunrise on New Year’s morning. It’s a wildly romantic festival where thousands of people line the beach to capture photographs of the brilliant oranges, reds, yellows and pinks just after a magnificent fireworks display.
    • Where: Hwajinpo Beach

    Goseong Lavender Festival (고성 라벤더축제)

    • When: Held every June
    • What: This festival celebrating summer in Korea takes place on a farm with endless fields of lavender plants, and you'll find delicious lavender ice cream and a wide range of foods, soaps, essential oils, perfumes, foot-baths, teas and gifts. You can also catch live performances, programmes, exhibits and workshops.
    • Where: Hani Lavender Farm
  • What are the main landmarks in Goseong?

    What are the main landmarks in Goseong?

    Goseong Unification Observatory Tower (고성통일전망타워)

    Goseong Unification Observatory Tower was built by the army in 1983 and offers stunning views of Geumgangsan Mountain and Ilchulbon Peak, Oknyeobong Peak and Chaehabong Peak, as well as the Haegumgang River and nearby islands. The area features many monuments erected in hopes that one day Korea will reunify.

    DMZ Museum (DMZ 박물관)

    The DMZ Museum was founded in the hopes of a future reunification with North Korea, and it stands at the northernmost east coastal point of the civilisation control line. Its exhibit halls are themed to highlight the meaning and significance of the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) in Korean history.

    Cheongganjeong Pavilion (청간정)

    Cheongganjeong Pavilion is a traditional pavilion with a classic hip-and-gable rooftop that stands atop a cliff, towering over an endless stretch of water and backed by the Seoraksan Mountain. It’s particularly notable for its brilliant sunrise views, and you can capture photos of the horizon and crashing waves below.

    Goseong Wanggok Village (고성 왕곡마을)

    Goseong Wanggok Village is a historic village in the foothills of the mountains and on the shores of the dark blue East Sea waters, with its own lagoon. It’s a traditional small village where time stops. You can experience the ages-old culture, escape the hustle and bustle and lose yourself in the past.