Incheon lies in the northwest of South Korea, with its suburbs bordering the outskirts of Seoul. The city has some excellent beaches such as Eurwangni Beach, a long strip of golden sand with a backdrop of mature pines.

This is a city with lush green spaces, such as the 295-hectare Incheon Grand Park, overlooked by the towering peaks of Gwanmosan and Sangasan mountains. Get a flavour of authentic Incheon at the Sinpo International Market, and be sure to sample some dakgangjeong (crispy fried chicken in sweet, spicy sauce).

What to see & do in Incheon

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Things to do in Incheon include a range of kid-friendly experiences, arts and culture, outdoor adventure and historic sites as well as spectacular beaches and amusements for all. You can head for Songdo Central Park, a vast city centre urban park that's modelled after Central Park in New York. If you're on a family holiday, head for the Wolmido amusement park with its games, shops and thrill rides. To kick back...

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Where & what to eat in Incheon

Food and dining in Incheon, like much of South Korea, revolves around street food where you can try a wide range of iconic local dishes and delicacies. Some of the most popular dishes found at night markets and on street corners include haemul pajeon pancake, dakgangjeong deep-fried chicken and Korean fried hot dogs. You'll also want to try the spicy rice cakes called tteokbokki, kimbap rice rolls and sundae blood...

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Where to shop & what to buy in Incheon

Shopping in Incheon offers everything from vast indoor centres with high-end boutiques to traditional night markets with produce, arts and crafts. The Sinpo-dong district offers exotic imports and is the heart of the fashion scene, drawing many local youths. At Sinpo Market, you can haggle over everything from clothes to fresh food and knick-knacks across several city blocks.One of the most unique and interesting shopping experiences here is the underground...

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Where to go & what to do at night in Incheon

Nightlife in Incheon includes everything from Korean karaoke lounges to speakeasy cocktail bars to good old-fashioned Irish pubs and beyond, for just about any late-night party experience you want. The Jet Lagged Lizard offers a Western-style bar experience with cocktails, wine and great pub grub just a few minutes from the airport. At Vy Bar & Karaoke, you can blend in with locals while trying to sing popular tunes with...

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