With so many places to see New York City, the trick is fitting them all into your schedule, and that’s why we’re making it easy for you. From the rides on Coney Island to the skyscrapers of Lower Manhattan and the iconic monuments at the mouth of the Hudson River, the Big Apple offers up memorable sights and lively locales around pretty much every corner. If you want to see the city's most famous attractions or just get to know the neighbourhoods around your hotel, these are a few of the best tours that show you what New York has to offer.


    Statue of Liberty & Ellis Island Tour with pedestal access

    Tour duration - 4 hrs 30m

    This journey out to New York Harbor demonstrates the city's unique place in American history, with a look at the pair of national icons that offered millions of newcomers their first look at the country. A ferry ride across the water takes you to the island where the Statue of Liberty looks out to greet the arriving ships, and you can step inside the pedestal to learn the story of the grand monument's construction. From there, it's on to the Ellis Island Museum for a walk through the halls of the most famous immigration station in the world.


    Ground Zero & One World Observatory

    Tour duration - 2 hrs 30m

    The former site of the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center has become one of America's most memorable sights, commemorating the victims of the deadly attacks with a solemn memorial built on Ground Zero. This tour takes you to the nearby chapel that survived the towers' collapse and served as a rescue centre in the aftermath. Visit the memorial wall dedicated to the first responders who rushed to the scene. Then head up to the towering observatory atop the new One World Trade Center, which stands as a symbol of New York's resilience while offering a sweeping view of the city.


    Boroughs Tour

    Tour duration - 5hrs

    It's hard to fit New York's vast collection of culture and scenery into any single outing, but this tour gets you close, allowing you to explore some of the most popular spots in all 5 boroughs. From the cultural touchstones of Harlem and street art in the Bronx to grand homes in Queens, diverse neighbourhoods in Brooklyn, and the vibrant boardwalk on Coney Island, you can get a sense of just how many communities call the Empire City home.

    A walk through the 843 acres (341 ha) of parkland in the centre of Manhattan gives you a change of pace from the urban landscape packed all around it. Your guide introduces you to the fascinating secrets of the city's natural oasis, with visits to sights like the vintage carousel and the historic visitor centre at the Dairy. For a different angle, you can make a stop at Rockefeller Center by the south end of the park, where the observation deck lets you look out over the whole green expanse while you admire one of the best views of the city.

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    Brooklyn Pizza Tour

    Tour duration - 4hrs 30m

    If you want to know how New York-style pizza came to dominate American cuisine, you might as well go to the source. This delicious tour bookends its journey through the Brooklyn with visits to a pair of the best-loved pizzerias around, where you can see how New Yorkers turned a traditional Italian dish into a delectable emblem of Western culture.


    Birthplace of Hip-Hop Tour

    Tour duration - 3hrs+

    For a look back at the early days of America's latest music sensation, there's nowhere better than the streets of Harlem and the Bronx. Venture out on a tour to explore the clubs where some of the biggest performers in hip-hop made their names, locations that featured in the genre's most influential music videos, and the site of DJ Kool Herc's first hip-hop parties back in the 1970s. Don't miss the showcase of street art at the Graffiti Wall of Fame.

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    Brooklyn Navy Yard: Past, Present & Future

    Tour duration - 2hrs

    History, industry, and innovation set the tone for this visit to New York's most venerable industrial park. Join a guided tour of Brooklyn Navy Yard to spot the dry docks and workshops that once supplied the US Navy by building and servicing some of its most historic vessels, including the ironclad USS Monitor and the battleship USS Missouri. Along with exhibitions that highlight artefacts from the yard's grand history, you get a look at signs of its rebirth as a modern industrial powerhouse.


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    Greenwich Village Food & Tastings

    Tour duration - 3hrs

    Sample some of New York's best flavours with a swing through the bohemian heart of the city, which offers up a tasty cross-section of the Big Apple's cuisine. This tour lets you pick up a slice at the renowned John's Pizza, try out an expertly selected wine pairing, taste exquisite pasta and olive oil, and savour some classic gelato transformed into a popsicle—all in the space of an evening.


    TV & Movie Locations with NBC Studios

    Tour duration - 3hrs

    The streets of New York might even have Hollywood beat when it comes to memorable filming locations, and a walk through the city's most camera-friendly sites can really bring that legacy to life. Along with spots that featured in productions from Breakfast at Tiffany's to Seinfeld, you get a look inside the longtime home of NBC Studios, where you can step in front of the cameras and tape your own show.

    photo by Ingfbruno (CC BY-SA 3.0) modified


    Nighttime Lights Tour

    Tour duration - 2hrs

    There's nothing quite like a ride through Midtown Manhattan to get a feel for the famous New York nightlife. A double-decker bus and a guide armed with plenty of stories take you through the heart of the city, showing off sights from the billboards of Times Square to the flags of the United Nations and the Art Deco façades of Rockefeller Center and the Empire State Building. See how the city lights up in the evening as you get to know its landmarks from a new perspective.

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