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Singapore Shopping Guide - Where to Shop and what to buy in Singapore

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Shopping in Singapore is a great experience with an abundance of boutique shops, sprawling malls and street markets selling an array of consumer goods and merchandise.

One of the many things to do in Singapore is shopping. Singapore is known as the shopping center of Asia and a constant stream of tourists come here from neighboring countries and even further for the sole purpose of shopping. The name brand shops in Singapore offer cheaper prices than in other cities around the world and the markets compare to anywhere else in Asia.

Orchard Road in the CBD is the best place to start shopping with its endless selection of modern Singapore shopping centres that can satisfy everyone’s shopaholic cravings. You will also find specialty stores and street markets dotted across the city. Chinatown and Little India provide a colourful and exciting shopping experience with shops selling authentic goods.

Orchard Road

One of the best shopping hubs of Singapore is Orchard Road. With a wide array of malls, clothing boutiques, electronic stores and market stalls shopaholics will be in paradise with an endless stream of shops lining the long road. Shopping arcades and malls are often connected by air-conditioned walkways while outdoor street market stalls are both above and below street level.

Mustafa Centre

Another shopping location in Singapore is the Mustafa Centre. Situated in Little India, the Mustafa Centre is a famous market that is filled with small stalls that sells everything from clothing and electronics to jewellery and home wares. The small aisles are packed with shoppers each day and offer an exciting atmosphere. Some great bargains can be found in the Mustafa Centre and shoppers should not be afraid to bargain the price with the vendor.

Takashimaya Shopping Centre

This large sprawling mall has been voted Singapore's favourite shopping centre. Takashimaya Shopping Centre has seven levels of fashion, sports, arts and crafts, music, cosmetics and beauty shops available that will satisfy every shopaholic out there. There is also a host of restaurants and eateries in the extensive food hall, making it a great place to spend the whole day.



Thieves Market

The famous 30-year-old market gets its name from the setup and array of second-hand goods available here. Singapore tourists and shoppers will find all manner of goods being sold by interesting characters. Even if you don't find anything worth buying, it's an experience just walking through this fascinating market.

Bugis St Market

Found in the Arab quarter of the Bugis district, Bugis St Market is the largest shopping street market in Singapore. There are countless stalls selling everything from shoes and clothes to jewellery and cosmetics. Tourists and visitors will also find other services at the market including manicurists, tattooists, body piercers and hairdressers.

Singapore shopping tips

The best time of year to go shopping in Singapore is during the Great Singapore Sale, which sees the whole retail community offering substantial discounts. The Great Singapore sale begins in June and lasts until July, with most of the best bargains picked up in the first month. The sale attracts large crowds of shoppers arriving from neighbouring countries to enjoy the Singapore shopping discounts. When shopping at the numerous markets in Singapore be sure to haggle the price as most vendors will accept a lower price than the one initially offered to get a sale.