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Dubai Sightseeing Guide - Visit notable attractions and landmarks

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The Creek splits Dubai into two sections, with Deira located to the north and holiday hotspot Jumeirah to the south. Both sides proudly offer visitors an equally impressive range of attractions with stunning mosques, towering hotels and shopping malls all widely available.

Golf is a popular pastime in Dubai with world-class facilities on offer. Dubai's year-round golden sunshine gives the white beaches a strong magnetism and the tranquil desert mixed with historical attractions give Dubai a unique edge that can be enjoyed for relaxation purposes or hardcore adrenaline junkies looking to take on the desert sands any which way they can think of.

Children and adults alike can enjoy the maze of rides and slides at the local water park and there are countless markets that are ideal for those looking to immerse themselves in Dubai's huge blend of cultures.

Grand Mosque

Dubai's tallest minaret can be admired from the dizzying heights of the Grand Mosque, located in Bur Dubai. It stands at an impressive 70m and boasts 45 small domes that accompany nine larger domes complete with beautiful stained glass panels that glisten in the sun. This is one of the city's most recognizable landmarks and many choose to walk around the mosque in the early evening to avoid the searing heat of the midday sun.

Burj Al Arab

Arguably the most famous landmark in Dubai, the five-star Burj Al Arab hotel was constructed on an artificial island and its sail-shaped building is home to unbeatable views of the city's skyline and coast as well as rooms with interior décor unrivalled by any other hotel in Dubai.

Wild Wadi Waterpark

For those traveling with children, the water park is a must-see with the extremely popular Jumeirah Sceirah free-fall ride and its Arabian adventure theme that runs throughout. The Wild Wadi park can be reached with ease via hire car, taxi or bus.

Jumeirah Archaeological Site

Remains found at this important historical site include 6th century AD artefacts and they have been hailed as some of the most significant finds in the UAE. Many travel agents provide transport and guided tours of the area.

Dubai Museum

Culture buffs will want to follow the history of Dubai at this informative museum, as well as the history of the country at large. See recreated reed houses and a pearling era souq among other interesting artifacts while seeing the city's amazing transition from a backwater into an affluent modern city.