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Where to Stay in the Grand Canyon – a neighborhood guide

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We're talking about an attraction more than 2 billion years old: a chasm in the Earth that reveals a prehistoric world within itself. So pretty much wherever you stay near the Grand Canyon, you're guaranteed to have an unforgettable holiday. That said, it's worth weighing up the various options to find the spot that best suits you, whether you want to be in the nearby village or in a quieter area farther afield.
Hotels in Grand Canyon Village



The hotels in the Grand Canyon Village are typically bursting with character and are worth seeing even if you're not staying here. The Bright Angel Lodge is an attraction in itself: designed in 1935 by Mary Jane Colter, who was famously behind the glorious Desert View Watchtower, it’s a rustic lodge and Registered National Historic Landmark. Even older is El Tovar, perched on the canyon rim and boasting a boldly decorated restaurant.





A resort town catering primarily to Grand Canyon visitors, Tusayan is approximately 7 miles from the village. Home to the Grand Canyon National Park Airport, it’s a great place from which to embark on a once-in-a-lifetime air tour of the mind-blowing scenery. Of course, the convenient location and good public transport means it’s just as handy if you’re planning a lengthy hike or a day out in the car.


Hotels in Tusayan



A cluster of popular lodgings can be found in Tusayan. While they lack the old West character of the hotels in the village, tourists can expect reliable chain names offering smart, comfortable guestrooms and perks like free breakfasts and WiFi.





The small but bustling city of Williams is another favorite with travelers to the Grand Canyon. Just over an hour’s drive from the village, Williams is the southern terminus of the Grand Canyon Railway, allowing for a convenient and dramatic railroad tour of the country. The city also features a good range of friendly bars and restaurants, and a lively community feel.


Hotels in Williams



Williams is just the place for anyone travelling on a budget, with plenty of reasonably priced inns, lodges, and motels to choose from. They’ll cover all your basic needs and will cost a fraction of what you might pay closer to the canyon. Most are family friendly and many have pools and free parking. A few elegant guesthouses and larger hotels are also available in the area.


North Rim



If you want some peace and solitude, then the North Rim is the place for you. Attracting far fewer crowds than the jam-packed South Rim, it's the place to be to experience the Grand Canyon in prehistoric serenity. The North Rim Visitor Center is a great spot to start your adventure and, depending on how lazy you’re feeling, you can always enjoy the novel comforts of a mule ride – or a scenic drive.


Hotels in the North Rim



If you're braving the North Rim, the Grand Canyon Lodge is the main place to stay. A seasonal operation, it’s a rustic retreat that was built in the 1920s and was declared a National Historic Landmark in 1987. It’s not about style or pretention, but rather the joys of getting in touch with nature, with a range of deluxe and standard cabins available.