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Where to Stay in Turks and Caicos - Luxury Hotels, Beachside Villas, and Resorts

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Accommodation on Turks and Caicos is generally upscale, with several resorts, luxury hotels, and villas dotting the archipelago’s landscape. Inns and motels are available, too, but on a much smaller scale. It’s advisable to make bookings far in advance, keeping in mind that weekends and holidays will be in higher demand. The economy on the islands is tourist driven, and prices and availability reflect this accordingly.

Grace Bay


Grace Bay, located on Providenciales, the archipelago's most populated island, holds the bulk of accommodation on Turks and Caicos, and could be considered the hub for visitors. It is close to the airport, tourist services, and restaurants, so serves as a convenient base for most activities. Many of the hotels are steps away from the soft white sands of Grace Bay beach.


Almost all hotels here are rated above 3.5 stars. Generally in Providenciales you’ll find palm tree-adorned properties with onsite pools and lounge chairs. Rooms on upper floors will give you spectacular views of the Atlantic's clear turquoise water. Free breakfast and WiFi are usually featured, and high standards of comfort and style are par for the course.


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Grand Turk


Grand Turk is the capital island of Turks and Caicos, and is considered to be the cultural and historic centre of the islands. It’s about 7 miles long, and on the western central side is the Grand Turk Cruise centre in Cockburn Town. There you’ll find everything from shopping to surfboarding simulations to a NASA exhibit. The natural surroundings are stunning, and offer many ways to relax or be active.


There are 3 main accommodation options on Grand Turk - 2 inns and a hotel - and all are in Cockburn Town. They’re near or on the beach and offer food options in-house. Decor ranges from soft vintage to modern and tropical.


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Chalk Sound


Chalk Sound is the turquoise lagoon of Providenciales, designated as part of a national park. The area is wild, quiet, and has stunning scenery, with small rocky islands peppering the surface of the lake. If you like nature hikes and exploring, Chalk Sound is an ideal place to do both. You might come in contact with a wild iguana or stingray, or a school of gliding fish. Kayaking and paddleboarding are on offer as well.


Accommodation in Chalk Sound is limited. You can check out the villas at the lake, which come with free WiFi, kitchen, and balcony. They also have an onsite restaurant with great views of the surrounds.


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