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What to see and do in Cyprus – a guide to notable attractions and landmarks

An odyssey of golden beaches, historic treasures, and natural wonders, Cyprus holidays take you on a voyage to remember. From the traditional charm and architectural heritage of the west coast to buzzing beach parties in the east, discover an island of contrasts between the old and the new, where Greco-Roman sites, medieval castles and splendid city walls from the Venetian days still stand.

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Where to stay in Cyprus – a neighborhood guide

A Cyprus getaway ranges from lounging near turquoise waters to soaking up local culture, stepping into medieval castles and hiking magical trails in the midst of the forest. Whether you prefer a luxury hotel on the beach, a quite holiday apartment in the hills or a youth hostel in the city, there’s a large selection of places to stay in the island to suit all tastes and budgets.

Cyprus shopping guide – where and what to shop

Cyprus is a real mecca for souvenirs lovers. From unique pottery to the famous handmade embroidery Lefkaritika, silverware and textiles, you’ll need to make room in your suitcase to take your purchases back home.

Where to eat in Cyprus – a food and dining guide

From the all-time favorite halloumi cheese to the moussaka and loukanka, food in Cyprus is a whirlwind of sensations and a melting pot of Greek and Turkish influences. With a hefty selection of dishes on the table, dining in Cyprus is a feast and each gastronomic delight should be savored slowly.

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