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From Convenience to Elegance - Where to Stay During your Anaheim Vacation

Most of Anaheim’s hotel scene is within a 1-mile radius of Disneyland® Resort and the adjacent Anaheim Convention centre. Venture outside the city, and you'll find even more hotels to choose from, mostly located near Orange County’s other hubs for business and pleasure. You can get to Anaheim from a few of these areas via the Anaheim Resort Transit shuttle.

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From Disney® Magic to High-End Luxury - A Look at Anaheim Shopping

Anaheim shopping is definitely diverse. The city itself is an ideal spot for picking up souvenirs, particularly if you want to bring a piece of Disneyland® Resort home. The rest of Orange County will treat you to some of Southern California’s most sophisticated shopping experiences. The OC is also home to clusters of unique districts and retail centres offering a more relaxed, bohemian ambiance.

Mouse Ears and Craft Beers - What to See and Do in Anaheim

Disneyland® Resort is undeniably Anaheim's biggest claim to travel fame, but vacationers building an agenda around the sprawling theme park will quickly discover plenty of other must-see activities in the area. From frolicking in the surf at a local beach to examining the legacy of a U.S. President, Anaheim is packed with options for making your vacation unforgettable.

From Fireworks to Craft Beer and Stand-Up - Anaheim Nightlife

Anaheim's nocturnal fireworks aren’t limited to the ones lighting up the sky over Disneyland® Resort. There are plenty of different ways to have a good time after the sun goes down, from indulging in a local craft beer to laughing the night away. No matter where you spend your evening, you’ll head back to your hotel room with a smile on your face.

From Theme Parks to Nature Parks - Exploring Anaheim as a Family

Modern-day Anaheim was built around its status as a family-friendly destination. You and your children will have plenty of reasons to leave your hotel and embrace whatever magic the day has in store. Along with the city's famous theme parks, you'll also find other spots that cultivate their own sense of adventure and wonder.

Theme Parks and Beyond - A Guide to Dining in Anaheim

Anaheim’s massive sprawl is home to an eclectic dining scene, ranging from fancy restaurants to casual family-friendly joints. The bulk of the city’s eateries can be found between Disneyland® Resort and its 2 sports stadiums. A similar range of dining choices can also be found in the neighbourhoods of adjacent cities, like downtown Fullerton or downtown Brea.

Know Before You Go - Travel Tips for a Magical Anaheim Vacation

The allure of Disneyland® transformed Anaheim from a sleepy farm community to an international destination. However, those who visit the city for its legendary amusement park will find even more worth exploring in the rest of Orange County. Famously dubbed “the OC,” the area is home to sparkling beaches, high-end shopping centres with exclusive stores, and international cuisines.

An Anaheim travel guide – Disneyland, the Old West and nightly fireworks

An Anaheim vacation lets you explore the amusements and rides at Disneyland, California Adventure and Knott's Berry Farm. Book an Anaheim hotel and visit the home of Mickey Mouse.

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