Liverpool is a world-class city with a stunning skyline showcasing impressive architectural achievements and alluring designs that everyone can enjoy. When you're visiting this city, you'll want to check out the most iconic buildings that helped make Liverpool what it is today. When you explore the most iconic buildings, you can enjoy your journey on 2 fronts. First, you can check out several impressive attractions housed within these buildings. Second, you can see towering examples of historical architectural prowess that have stood the test of time. Check out the 10 most iconic buildings in Liverpool.


    Albert Dock

    Visit a waterfront masterpiece

    • History

    The Albert Dock is a collection of various buildings and warehouses that show off the essence of Liverpool's waterfront and history as a port city. It was first opened back in 1846, and it's crafted from cast iron, brick and stone. Located at the Colonnades, the dock buildings here are unique in that they didn't implement any structural wood in their design. In fact, they were the first woodless buildings of their kind in Britain and the first non-combustible warehouses in the world.

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    Location: 3-4 The Colonnades, Liverpool L3 4AA, UK

    Open: 24/7

    Phone: +44 (0)1517 078384


    Cunard Building

    Explore historical extravagance

    • History

    The Cunard Building is an iconic member of the three graces known primarily for its extravagant decorations and furnishings and its Italian Renaissance and Greek Revival exterior design. Located on Pier Head, it's a Grade II-listed building and part of the World Heritage Mercantile City designation by UNESCO. This building was initially designed to look like an Italian Palace and features ornate sculptures along the sides. In addition to the building itself, you'll find a wide variety of offerings inside, including the British Music Experience.

    Location: Liverpool L3 1JR, UK


    photo by Rodhullandemu (CC BY-SA 4.0) modified


    Port of Liverpool Building

    Visit one of the three graces

    • History

    The Port of Liverpool Building is a Grade II-listed building that features an iconic Edwardian Baroque style built in the early 20th century. Located at the Pier Head, this building is one of the primary reasons that Liverpool was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Maritime Mercantile City. The building itself features a shining white facade, thanks to its Portland Stone cladding. The frame itself is reinforced concrete, and much of its construction has been restored as recently as 2009. Interestingly enough, the central dome was not part of the original design, despite being the current focal point of the building.

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    Location: 10 Princes Parade Liverpool, UK


    Liverpool Town Hall

    Explore a Georgian masterpiece

    • History

    The Liverpool Town Hall is a remarkable 18th-century building with stunning Georgian designs by John Wood the elder. Located on High Street at the junction of Dale Street, Castle Street, and Water Street, the building stands out among the others with impressive rusticated stonework and iconic rounded arches that serve as an entrance way. Like many buildings in town, the design here makes use of columns, but they don't have a Greek or Roman design. Instead, this building features unique Corinthian columns to house the civic suite, parlor and chamber of Lord mayor.

    Location: High St, Liverpool L2 3SW, UK

    Open: Monday–Friday from 9 am to 5 pm (closed Saturday–Sunday)

    Phone: +44 (0)1512 333020


    Victoria Building

    See the best of the University of Liverpool

    • History

    The Victoria Building is a building on the University of Liverpool campus that showcases impressive designs by famed architect Alfred Waterhouse. It's primarily made from Ruabon brick with terracotta dressings set underneath a slate roof. The colour of the brick is what influenced the term 'red brick university'. This building was the first building dedicated to the University of Liverpool and features a Grade II-listed status. These days, however, you can explore the Victoria Gallery & Museum when you visit, even if you're not part of the university.

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    Location: Liverpool, L69 3GB, UK


    World Museum

    Visit a popular museum

    • Budget
    • History

    The World Museum is a major part of the National Museums of Liverpool and boasts a unique neoclassical design with columns and smooth exterior walls. The sheer scale of this building is particularly impressive and stands out at its location on William Brown Street. It's not all that tall, but it's massively wide with an incredible interior. Inside, you'll find a prosperous museum showcasing a variety of exhibits about archeology, ethnology and natural science. You'll also find a planetarium with astronomy shows and a natural history museum with exhibits on biology, zoology and geology. The museum and its attractions are free to visit.

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    Location: William Brown St, Liverpool L3 8EN, UK

    Phone: +44 (0)1514 784393


    Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral

    Explore a unique church

    • History

    The Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral, or Paddy's Wigwam, is a massive local church with an impressive architectural style. From the outside, it looks like a massive cone with a cylinder at its tallest point. That cylinder is then accompanied by several spires in a circle. The building itself was built in 1967 from concrete with Portland stone cladding and aluminum covering on the roof. This unique design makes it stand out from the surrounding architecture, especially other churches which sport more traditional designs.

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    Location: Cathedral House, Mount Pleasant, Liverpool L3 5TQ, UK

    Open: Daily from 7.30 am to 6 pm

    Phone: +44 (0)1517 099222


    Bluecoat Chambers

    Explore an art centre and historical charity school

    • History

    Bluecoat Chambers is a thriving art centre within a historic charity school that's home to arts and culture events. Dating back to the early 18th century, the center was originally built as a charity school but has since transformed into a hub of arts and culture. As one of the oldest buildings in central Liverpool, you can take a glimpse back in time to age-old designs. Located on School Lane, this building was crafted using traditional brick-with-stone dressing. It features a slate roof and an H-shaped design that's visible when looking at it from above. When you visit this building, you may want to take time to enjoy a local cultural exhibition, as they're frequently held inside.

    Location: 8 School Ln, Liverpool L1 3BT, UK

    Open: Monday–Saturday from 9 am to 6 pm, Sunday from 11 am to 6 pm

    Phone: +44 (0)1517 025324


    Speke Hall

    Visit a Tudor manor house

    • History

    Speke Hall is a wood-framed Tudor manor house that's considered among the finest and most well preserved of its kind. Dating back to the 16th century, the manor is a Grade I-listed building in Speke and utilizes a wattle-and-daub design method in its construction. When you visit the manor today, you can embark on a tour of this historical site where you'll find numerous furnishings from the era. Additionally, you'll find a courtyard in the center of the building that's home to 2 yew trees, both of which are more than 500 years old.

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    Location: The Walk, Speke, Liverpool L24 1XD, UK

    Phone: +44 (0)1514 277231


    Albion House

    See the White Star Building

    • History

    Albion House, or the White Star Building, is a Grade II-listed building that boasts a Queen Anne-style design. Dating back to the late 19th century, the Albion House is similar to New Scotland Yard in London, as they were designed by the same architect. The Albion House features an entrance with a unique mosaic of South America on the floor, setting it apart from the New Scotland Yard. The facade of the building is particularly impressive, featuring a Portland stone white exterior on the first floor with the subsequent floors featuring red brick. The Albion House is located on the corner of The Strand and James Street.

    Location: 30 James St, Liverpool, L2 0NJ, UK


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